Tagine without the tagine, Gary’s tacos, and miracle cures.

This book, A Month In Marrakesh provided me with an excellent recipe this week. Not sure I can post the recipe here due to copyright, etc, since for once I actually followed it pretty closely. (Still didn’t measure anything though lol.)

On page 159 there is a recipe called “Kefta, tomato and egg Tagine). Since I don’t have a tagine, I used a large frying pan with a lid… close enough is good enough till I find the Tagine I want, I guess. I plan on utilising the late night shopping tonight to hunt one down. Anyway, the recipe is basically spiced lamb meatballs in a freshly cooked tomato sauce, into which you crack some eggs as the final step. It turned out like this:

delicious, yes?

I was very impressed, to be honest. It looked great, tasted great, and the eggs were an interesting texture amongst all the meatballs and sauce.

look at its deliciousness!

Last night, I’d had a long day in the car for work, I’m feeling pretty sick (sore throat, blocked nose etc. All the signs of an impending cold.) and I’d still gone to hockey training, mostly to make myself feel physically better after so much driving. So Gary cooked!

whats that saying? a man cooking is the sexiest man ever?… or was it doing the dishes?

Gary doesn’t cook often. Dont get me wrong, he throws meat on the BBQ and can cook an awesome steak where I’m constantly second guessing my steak abilities. But putting together a meal is something that he doesn’t do often. He once told me it’s because my cooking is so good that he doesn’t want to, or need to, cook. Smooth move there, buddy.

I love to cook, just sometimes I’m stuffed and don’t have the energy for it. Anyway, Gary made me tacos. I wish I had not devoured them and had taken a photo, because they looked great assembled and tasted pretty darn tasty.

But I do have this photo:

Gary doesn’t like smiling for photos.

After dinner he sang me Soft Kitty. Anyone who has seen Big Bang Theory will understand.

And lastly but not least, I decided to try making an experiment. I’d been looking up ways to preserve garlic, mostly for a good pickling recipe that I wanted after having pickled garlic in Vietnam for the first time.

I’m well aware that Garlic is a natural supercure. Garlic is awesome. I use heaps of it all the time. And I also knew honey was pretty rad, but I don’t use it that much. There’s always some in my pantry but it’s not something I access often. Honey is antibacterial, apparently. As well as some other things.

I found out that apparently if you keep garlic in honey, it makes a great natural medicine for colds and coughs. After a while, the garlic loses its bite, and you can easily eat the whole cloves. Otherwise, a spoonful of the garlic-soaked honey goes into tea etc. Anyway, I figured it sounded interesting, so I peeled some garlic, put it in a jar with honey, and it’s sitting in my fridge waiting for a few weeks. If I had of made it a few weeks ago when I found the information, I’d be eating it now.

but I didn’t.

Apparently it will keep in your fridge for a very long time, so maybe next time I’m sick I can test it out. Otherwise, I have a feeling it might get used in marinades, or with vinegar for dressings!

apparently garlic floats in honey. Good to know.


Hobart, Less Briefly.

So we got back Sunday from our hobart trip. Little Brother did well. Arrived thursday, had a house by friday, and a hockey team by saturday. As for me, I was a tad stuffed by the time we actually made it home.

Our trip started with a drive to Wallan Wednesday Night, to stay with a family friend. A wakeup at 5am and a drive into the airport parking place (thanks, GPS!) and checking in for our flights at 6:30am.

One hour and 10 minutes or so and we were off the plane in an airport that was TINY! Not sure why, but I kinda expected Hobart Airport to be bigger than Albury’s airport. Anyhow, we were met by a friend of Mum’s (whom we had never met before) Jenny and Mark offered to drive us around and show us the city layout, which we greatly accepted. After a short drive, with a few words of wisdom on getting around and a bit of orientation, Mark dropped us at the backpackers.

My initial thoughts: “It’s kind of dodgy, but the homely dodgy where it’s more funny than depressing”
My thoughts after meeting the Lady running the place: “This place rocks!”
Managed to check in early on account of it being winter and apparently nobody visits Hobart in winter so the hostel was pretty quiet.

Then the walking began.
And it did not stop until I sat on the couch back home sunday night.

All the walking!

There’s plenty to see in hobart, if you’re like me and despite knowing nothing about architecture, you like looking at old buildings and interesting things like that.

Also, I like churches

On Thursday we wandered over to Sandy Bay to look at a house for Dave. Sandy Bay is a half hour walk from the CBD, if you dont get distracted by giant blue slides.

Appeasing the child in me

Also distracting me was the beautiful autum leaves in the park:

makes me want to make a whole pile of leaves and just jump in it.

The house was beautiful, and complete with a Harry Potter Cupboard you can accidently get locked in, and a Creepy Room/half of the Attic which wasn’t turned into a room but is instead just walled off from the half that was made into a room and apparently it makes wierd noises and has spiders.

Still, the girl showing us through was really friendly and funny and nice so I think it will be a good place for the little bro man.

more wandering and a bit of shopping ensued. Dinner was fish down by the docks. Gary and I have a habit of devouring heaps of seafood when anywhere near the ocean. Sorry Wodonga, but your seafood just isn’t the same.

Friday was even more walking around. We planned to do the Hobart Sculpture walk (About an hour along the edge of the water, looking at a few numbers-based sculptures which are significant to Hobart.) We intended to begin it at 11.

We made it to the start at 3, having become distracted by a variety of shops along the way to where it starts in Salamanca.

Gary was distracted by the Faerie Bower.

By this time it was raining pretty solidly, so Gary brought a waterproof jacket and we continued on (Rain won’t stop us!!)

It’s fuzzy beacause of rain, not Ghosts.

After that we wandered about the village at Battery Point, planning to head back to the CBD and source Dinner. Instead, in the growing dark and the rain, we spotted a very inviting and warm looking cafe, and so we stopped for impromptu hot chocolates and cake. (and pies and savoury tarts for the boys)

Then back in, dinner, bed.

Saturday was market day, otherwise known as “Nicole Spends too Much Money But Doesn’t Care” day. Salamanca markets are pretty good. Like any market, there’s good stuff and rubbish, but the overall atmosphere was pretty awesome. Plus, there was a magician making balloon animals, and when he explained he was making a rare pink monkey to the crowd, some kid shouted out “Pink monkies dont exist! Thats a Balloon!”

apparently Dave likes Penguin hats

My haul: Blackberry port wine, Tomato and herb mustard, Beautiful merino yarn for a lace project I’m going to start shortly, A handcrafted metal Broch/Shawl pin, Tiny wooden teapot earrings, A convertible wrap/skirt/shawl/shrug/top…. thing, delicious custard donuts, and I’m sure there’s something else I can’t think of right now.

We spent pretty much all day there. Wandering back through the park we discovered a wall of gravestones. The park used to be the cemetary, and when it was changed to a park the gravestones were placed into a memorial wall sort of thing.

No ghosts here, either. Kinda disappointing.

After dinner we went off to the pub to have a drink with Dave. He’d left us at the markets while he went to play hockey with his new team, UTAS Div 5. Apparently the game was good, and they asked him back next week. Probably cos we breed ’em tough up here in the Hockey Albury Wodonga league, and he copped a shot to the guts and kept playing.

This was also random and odd. A wall that was erected… then re-erected later… in front of public toilets which have razor wire around the top. Not sure what the go was, but it was near our hostel and was kind of a landmark.

Gary is happy about the Toilet prison.

Our trip ended sunday morning, with Gary and I getting up and heading to the airport at 7am. A flight back to Melbourne, then into the city for a visit to the Queen Vic Markets. I brought a wonderful red scarf made of Hemp, and we wandered down Victoria street to Minotaur, where I purchased Book 7 of The Walking Dead and a Serenity comic. A quick trip across to the royal Mall and a visit to the delicious chocolate shop within. Then we walked all the way down to the South Melbourne Markets, where I had a “moment” because my feet were sore, I was tired, and cranky and we had to walk all the way back up to the Queen Vic markets.

I got over it though.

Long drive home, then sleeping!

Also, we saw this

Marinated feta

Today I made some marinated feta.

Since I love garlic, but the general belief is that sticking garlic just in olive oil is a big bacteria risk, I cheated by buying some garlic flavored cheese. The I chopped the feta into cubes, mixed through some chopped chilis and thyme from the garden, dried lemon myrtle, peppercorns and lemon rind. Tossed it all in some good olive oil then packed it in the jar and covered it all with the delicious oil. Close the lid, leave for a week or two, then nom it down!


llama hat and duck curry

Today Gary asked me for a beanie so he could go for a run in the cold wintery weather.
I gave him my Llama hat which was given to me as a present from my Dad’s trip to Ecuador. Gary seemed happy about it.

see how happy llama hats make people

My very handsome boyfriend

He then took it off and gave it back to me and went for a run in the cold wintery weather without it while I had a nice warm bath.

Then I cooked this:

Delicious Red Duck Curry

I’ve never cooked duck before, so I looked up a few recipes to get an idea and here’s what happened in the end:

Duck Breasts
Snow Peas
Bok Choy
red curry paste
chili (only one cos ours are superhot)
bean shoots

I seared the duck breasts skin side down for a few minutes, then flipped them and sealed the other side. Then they went into the oven for about 15 mins.

I smashed up the garlic, ginger, and lemongrass with the chili and some rock salt (helps to grind things up) in the mortar and pestle. Then I fried that in the wok with some red curry paste. Added a touch on water once it’s smelling good. Added carrots and capsicum and coconut cream. let that simmer a bit till the duck was done, then i sliced it up and added it as well.

Once almost ready, I sliced up the bok choy and threw that in, as well as some snow peas. Cook only for a minute or so, then add some bean shoots and serve over rice immediately.

Things in this recipe that we grew: Snow peas (whats left after the dog got in there and ate them off the plant! she loves them so much), Chili, Lemongrass, Bok choy.

More than likely I will post further recipes on here. Generally I won’t include measurements, because thats just how I roll. I take recipes as guidelines, except when it comes to breads and cakes and things like that where they don’t work if they aren’t exact. I tend to throw things together without measuring so when I give recipes to people they are usually vague.

Meet Tim.

Full Name: Timothy Harold Winston Fogworth
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Occupation: guarding jewelery
Favorite food: Seafood Carbonara
favorite hobby: collecting stamps. And also collecting old tobacco pipes… and Monocles.
Favorite song: Links 2 3 4, Rammstein
Least favorite song: anything by Justin Beiber.
Favorite dessert: goats cheese and honey ice cream with a walnut crumble
Favorite alcoholic drink: Burbon and coke
Favorite movie: Point Break
Most famous moment: causing issues at the airport security screening due to sitting next to the iPod headphones and looking like a solid ball with wires hanging out of it….. Security Trolling win!
Most embarassing moment: that time I got lost for ages and then suddenly rediscovered right where I was last seen.
When I grow up I want to be: A global integration innovation trendwatcher
Favorite quote: The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously. – Hubert H. Humphrey