a few little crafty projects..

As I may have mentioned, there have been some crafting sessions lately. We (a collection of me and my peeps) have been meeting weekly to be crafty and make some things. three weeks so far… My first week I made the top of a “crazy monkey lap quilt”, which I am yet to finish. Then I carted my sewing machine off to Amanda’s for the second week.. in which I created the strawberry bag mentioned in an earlier post.

Then I had a week off work, and went on a roadtrip to Wangaratta to visit the Woolen mills, got myself a big bag of remanent wool, a crochet hook set and set to work.

First project… Not so great. It was supposed to be a cowl made from chunky green wool. And it is, but it’s way too long.
Next came the fingerless gloves, from the same warm chunky wool.

very very warm.

today I made a few of these:

I also started a scarf which may or may not turn out to be a gift so I’ll keep it a suprise for now.

I also made a “highly doubtful teacake with very suspicious creme.” I’ll explain in more detail later however for now I have to go. Basically its a lavender tea cake. Om nom nom.


4 thoughts on “a few little crafty projects..

  1. Suspicious cream?!?!?

    I wants a wooley red friendship arm baaaaaaand!!!! Pwease? I’ll be your friendship, in the face!!!

  2. If you have time! I dont want to put you out. But if you make me a red one I would so love it and cherish it and think or you when I wear it!!!!

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