trip to Brisbane – a quick photo summary

pretty lights!

just imagine how pretty this is lit up at night…

This is what I found at my good friend Christine’s house in Brisbane. I arrived last weekend to spend some time with her and her partner for their engagement party. I took so many photos it was hard to narrow down the ones I liked the best..

We baked:

nom nom nom

Mini Quiches

we found mushrooms way down the back:

there was fudge:

Tasty, tasty fudge.

and also more baking

and I had made some gifts for Christine which she apparently liked:

….lets have another look at all those cakes..

and last but not least, there were these little guys to keep us company:

Congrats to Christine and Greg – I had an awesome time and I’m so happy for you guys!

P.S things I have not yet mentioned: Musk stick flavoured Liqueur, delicious cake-y goodness I didn’t get photos of, My 11 book haul from book sales ($3 books!!) and home grown Bananas in my breakfast porridge.


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