Work in progress – möbius wrap

Here’s a little project I’m working at the moment. Using some 8ply wool remnants from the Wang wool mill in a really nice blue/purple.


It looks a little rough at the moment because I have a bunch of ends to weave in (that’s what I get for using remnants – lots of little balls rather than large ones so more ends to deal with)

It’s a pretty easy crochet pattern, an what you see here is a couple of hours work. This is about the size of the pattern however I want to make it bigger.

For those who are unaware (and I was, until starting this project) a möbius strip is a strip with one twist and joined – essentially it becomes an object with one surface and one edge. Kinda weirded me out when I was trying to understand it but stitching along one edge for two rounds is the only way to get back to the start. You can make one by creating a rectangle, twisting it 180 degrees, and joining the end. This one is stitched as a möbius strip – the twist is created in the starting chain and you go from there. It does my head in thinking about it, but making it without thinking seems much easier.

I don’t think I can explain it properly. When these situations arise they can be solved with Wikipedia: what wiki thinks

Anyway, in other news…… Well there’s not much else. Apart from the fact that I played hockey again after a few weeks off with a torn calf. Felt good to get out on the field again but I’m certainly not up to 100% yet.


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