llama hat and duck curry

Today Gary asked me for a beanie so he could go for a run in the cold wintery weather.
I gave him my Llama hat which was given to me as a present from my Dad’s trip to Ecuador. Gary seemed happy about it.

see how happy llama hats make people

My very handsome boyfriend

He then took it off and gave it back to me and went for a run in the cold wintery weather without it while I had a nice warm bath.

Then I cooked this:

Delicious Red Duck Curry

I’ve never cooked duck before, so I looked up a few recipes to get an idea and here’s what happened in the end:

Duck Breasts
Snow Peas
Bok Choy
red curry paste
chili (only one cos ours are superhot)
bean shoots

I seared the duck breasts skin side down for a few minutes, then flipped them and sealed the other side. Then they went into the oven for about 15 mins.

I smashed up the garlic, ginger, and lemongrass with the chili and some rock salt (helps to grind things up) in the mortar and pestle. Then I fried that in the wok with some red curry paste. Added a touch on water once it’s smelling good. Added carrots and capsicum and coconut cream. let that simmer a bit till the duck was done, then i sliced it up and added it as well.

Once almost ready, I sliced up the bok choy and threw that in, as well as some snow peas. Cook only for a minute or so, then add some bean shoots and serve over rice immediately.

Things in this recipe that we grew: Snow peas (whats left after the dog got in there and ate them off the plant! she loves them so much), Chili, Lemongrass, Bok choy.

More than likely I will post further recipes on here. Generally I won’t include measurements, because thats just how I roll. I take recipes as guidelines, except when it comes to breads and cakes and things like that where they don’t work if they aren’t exact. I tend to throw things together without measuring so when I give recipes to people they are usually vague.


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