Tagine without the tagine, Gary’s tacos, and miracle cures.

This book, A Month In Marrakesh provided me with an excellent recipe this week. Not sure I can post the recipe here due to copyright, etc, since for once I actually followed it pretty closely. (Still didn’t measure anything though lol.)

On page 159 there is a recipe called “Kefta, tomato and egg Tagine). Since I don’t have a tagine, I used a large frying pan with a lid… close enough is good enough till I find the Tagine I want, I guess. I plan on utilising the late night shopping tonight to hunt one down. Anyway, the recipe is basically spiced lamb meatballs in a freshly cooked tomato sauce, into which you crack some eggs as the final step. It turned out like this:

delicious, yes?

I was very impressed, to be honest. It looked great, tasted great, and the eggs were an interesting texture amongst all the meatballs and sauce.

look at its deliciousness!

Last night, I’d had a long day in the car for work, I’m feeling pretty sick (sore throat, blocked nose etc. All the signs of an impending cold.) and I’d still gone to hockey training, mostly to make myself feel physically better after so much driving. So Gary cooked!

whats that saying? a man cooking is the sexiest man ever?… or was it doing the dishes?

Gary doesn’t cook often. Dont get me wrong, he throws meat on the BBQ and can cook an awesome steak where I’m constantly second guessing my steak abilities. But putting together a meal is something that he doesn’t do often. He once told me it’s because my cooking is so good that he doesn’t want to, or need to, cook. Smooth move there, buddy.

I love to cook, just sometimes I’m stuffed and don’t have the energy for it. Anyway, Gary made me tacos. I wish I had not devoured them and had taken a photo, because they looked great assembled and tasted pretty darn tasty.

But I do have this photo:

Gary doesn’t like smiling for photos.

After dinner he sang me Soft Kitty. Anyone who has seen Big Bang Theory will understand.

And lastly but not least, I decided to try making an experiment. I’d been looking up ways to preserve garlic, mostly for a good pickling recipe that I wanted after having pickled garlic in Vietnam for the first time.

I’m well aware that Garlic is a natural supercure. Garlic is awesome. I use heaps of it all the time. And I also knew honey was pretty rad, but I don’t use it that much. There’s always some in my pantry but it’s not something I access often. Honey is antibacterial, apparently. As well as some other things.

I found out that apparently if you keep garlic in honey, it makes a great natural medicine for colds and coughs. After a while, the garlic loses its bite, and you can easily eat the whole cloves. Otherwise, a spoonful of the garlic-soaked honey goes into tea etc. Anyway, I figured it sounded interesting, so I peeled some garlic, put it in a jar with honey, and it’s sitting in my fridge waiting for a few weeks. If I had of made it a few weeks ago when I found the information, I’d be eating it now.

but I didn’t.

Apparently it will keep in your fridge for a very long time, so maybe next time I’m sick I can test it out. Otherwise, I have a feeling it might get used in marinades, or with vinegar for dressings!

apparently garlic floats in honey. Good to know.


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