kitchen goodies and garden progress.

Remember how in my last post I said I was going to take advantage of the Thursday late night shopping and go Tagine hunting? Well, I did. I found one which is suitable for stove, oven, microwave (not that I’ll use that aspect but anyway), freezer, the dishwasher we don’t have… And I figure I could use it on the BBQ if I need to.

Its red. It’s very nice. I’m cooking with it tonight.

I also found a set of Global knives. The ones I’ve been eyeing off for ages because they are beautiful and are very high quality and they are fully forged and they have a good weight and they are solid and they are made in Japan and OH MY GOD! I found them on sale for almost $200 off. I got them.

my shiny new tagine and wonderful global knives set.

Which would have been ok, except I had just come from an optometrist appointment. In which I was informed that if I wanted to take the strain off my eye (I’ll explain the singular to those who don’t know shortly) then I would need a mild prescription for “things that require concentration and focus” so…. computers, driving, crochet and cross stitch, movies, pretty much anything I need to focus on. So I paid for my glasses, and I did get nice ones, not the cheapest because I want to look pretty, dammit!

That eye test was pretty awesome, and will be the subject of a separate post.

meanwhile, in our garden:

Winter is coming!

Autumn leaves are so pretty!!

Also, we have a tonne of snowpeas coming in right now. Our dog, Zephyr, loves to eat them. So much so that she rips through the bird netting to get in there and eat them straight off the plant.

delicious crunchy fresh tastiness!

And yesterday I picked some more chilis. Our little spicy ones went into the dehydrator, dried out and crushed in my mortar and pestle to make chili flakes. Those little ones are SUPERHOT and must be treated with the respect they deserve. I’m waiting for the last of my Thai chilis to colour a tad more so I can pickle them up.


Also, I have been begged for more tomato sauce and tomato chutney from Gary’s family.

pity there’s no more fresh tomatoes around. They might have to wait till next summer. I think Gary is refusing to handover the last jar of chutney (It sure went quick. I suspect Gary may be eating it by the spoonful). More tomatoes and cucumbers for pickles have been requested as compulsory plants next season.


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