Grandma’s birthday.

A trip down to Seymour was had to attend Grandma’s birthday this saturday. I picked up Scott and Lotta and headed down, although we did miscalculate and the trip ended up being longer than we thought it would be so by the time we turned up at Denise’s farm we were late however apparently nobody minded.

My sister in law, Lotta, has also blogged about this however it is in Swedish. For those of you who read Swedish, or have a way of translating it, feel free to check it out. For others, she’s taken some pretty nice photos!

Happy birthday Grandma!

All of my step dad’s side of the family was there. Cousins and relatives we haven’t seen for a while. So it was a good little catchup witht hat part of the family.

We spent some time trying to eat this delicious cake.

delicious cake

It was so chocolaty rich that it was a struggle to eat any more than a tiny slice. But it was soooo good.

Also, keeping in mind that my sister Kate and my brother Scott did not speak to each other until they met in Seymour, I found this picture pretty funny.

guess who she takes after?

there was plenty of food and conversations, and then we had a walk around the farm.

The kids took this one for a drive around the paddocks!

I love these chairs on the verandah

We found what appeared to be an old inkwell in the creek

Lotta going for a stroll


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