Finished project roundup.

I thought I’d do a quick post to show some finished crochet projects. I’m sending this from my iPhone because
that’s where my photos are. I’ll hopefully come back and edit later to link to my ravelry projects.

What I’m wearing right now are these little gems:


Made from an 8ply 90%wool blend, I’m in love with these warm fingerless gloves in this beautiful colour. It’s a simple design, done in the round with half treble crochet (a half double crochet in US terms). The thumb hole is a simple matter of chaining in one row then doing the next row of stitches into the chain space.

Also in this lovely yarn is my completed möbius wrap: now it’s complete and stretched a little, it hangs loose on the mannequin. Looks nice on, but hard to take a photo of myself with it on.


It can also be worn as a large scarf:


I have also made myself a cowl, my first design other than plain rows of stitching. Anyone reading this from work will recognise it because I’ve been wearing it a lot there.


This one is an acrylic yarn. I think I want to make another in a wool, but I’ll take a few repeats out and make it shorter.

Next is a headband I made up, again In the lovely blue wool blend. Again, hard to take a photo of me wearing it. No pattern for this one – it’s improvised.


I also made myself a crochet hook holder. This is another acrylic yarn, in an totally awesome purple. The star stitch used is pretty easy.




And lastly, here’s a knitting project I did several years ago. It’s still kicking around. I call it my happy scarf.



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