more garden additions, and other news.

On the weekend we went on a visit to the nursery. Here’s what we came home with:

Our new babies

That’s my lovely Gary, doing what he does when I say “smile for the photo”.

In the tray is some chives, garlic chives (I’m currently frustrated with my lack of chives), Russian chamomile and some perennial Basil. It’s not the same as the sweet basil we all love, but it’s a reasonable substitute for when my salt preserved summer basil runs out, and it’s worth a try.

The chives will be planted in a couple of buckets with holes drilled in them. I was thinking about maybe painting the buckets with some bright designs just for laughs. Maybe sponge painted flowers or something like that.

Also in this tray is rainbow chard (Silverbeet).

I love silverbeet. I love it so very much. Next to broccoli and zucchini, it’s probably my favorite thing we grow. It’s delicious with feta, in pasta, with tuna, with rice, in a tart, in bread, and just sautéed with a little butter, garlic, salt and pepper.

We grow a lot of it. Our last bunch, however, ended up with powdery mildew and we are currently without mature plants to harvest.

I am sad. But there is hope for the future, because we have the next generation waiting to grow big for us!

We also had these little fellas pass on:

baby snow peas

Gary has been nurturing these guys from a young age (from seed) and since we had two successful punnets come up, he gave away one to a friend who has been dabbling in growing things. She told him a while ago that her tomatoes had expired and she wasn’t sure what to grow next. So she now has snow peas! they are so delicious.

Actually, I think I will add snow peas to my list of favorite veggies. I love them. Most of them don’t make it to a meal because we (or the dog) devour them before they get anywhere near the house. But when they go in at the end of a stir fry or curry… man they are amazing!!

on another note, here’s a photo of me with my new glasses. These are my black ones. I also got a lovely purple pair. I’ve received quite a few compliments so I’m pretty happy with my choice. Also I’m pretty happy with the fact that I can now read street signs at night and I don’t get headaches within 10 minutes of looking at a computer.

Zephyr finds it difficult to sit still, particularly when cameras are involved.


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