Our weekend, also I brought a Kindle!

No photos today, just words. Not feeling too good at the moment so I’m contemplating some takeaway a soak in the bath and an early night. Gary’s on afternoon shift and won’t be home till midnight.

Over the weekend we (Gary, myself, my brother Scott and his wife Lotta) had a trip up to Young to visit Poppy Harry and Julie. It was good to see him again. It’s been a while and it was lovely just to spend some time relaxing at their home.

Pop cooked us a wonderful beef stew for our late dinner Friday night (we drove the 3 hour trip after work) and Julie made a Feijoa and berry crumble. Delicious! Julie’s daughter Tegan was there with her son Nick, who is 5 and contains boundless energy.

Saturday morning was a walk down the street, past the place where my great grandmother Nanny Madge used to live. When she died her house was bulldozed and the car yard next door was expanded. I’m pretty sure the cacti in the car yard garden are hers though. I have fuzzy childhood memories, glimpses of moments frozen in my mind from that house. One thing that has always stuck with me was the sarsaparilla syrup and lemonade that Nanny Madge used to make for us. To this day, sarsaparilla makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I remember nothing but love and happiness in that house.

We wandered past that spot ad down to the op shop (the only one that was open). Then it was on to a coffee and meeting up again with Julie and Nick. More wanderings produced a box of wool for $10 (awesome!!) and some mixed vintage style fabric for another $10. We got some sausages from the local butcher, and trundled back to pops house for a BBQ lunch, some time hanging out with our family, then the long trip home.

Sunday was a quiet affair. Not much was done. Gary worked more on the garden fence. I’ll do a post on that when he finishes it all completely.

Yesterday I brought a kindle touch. I want to get back into reading again, and a workmate has a kindle already. So I checked hers out and decided to snag one for myself. It’s portable, looks very similar to how a book reads, and can hold loads of literature. My first purchase? Game of thrones, books 1 to 5, for $30. I’m currently reading it.

That’s about it. I’m going to cheat tonight and get takeaway then go pass out in bed wrapped around my hot water bottle and wait for Gary to get home


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