A few photos from Pop’s garden

But first, here’s Pop cooking us all eggs and Bacon for breakfast.

Pop’s make the best breakfasts

Then on to the exciting garden photos.

Pop has always had a great garden. I remember spending hours with him one day, sitting out the back of his house in Goulburn shelling broad beans.

Beetroot, glorious beetroot.

check out this perfecly formed wonderfully crunchy looking cabbage

The best thing about early morning garden photos – the fact that the dew is still on the plants and everything looks wonderful and fresh.

See what I mean?

Pop is really good at growing things. As evidenced by this next photo.

Scott seems a bit confused by this GIGANTIC carrot!

We weighed this beast of a carrot. Apparently Pop’s secret is very sandy soil. When we tried to grow carrots they ended up being all twisted and stunted.

this thing was huge

The next door neighbour’s cats watched us wandering about the backyard from their sunny spot.

Before we left on Saturday, we got a few photos in. Here’s one of my favorites.

Lotta, Scott, Julie, Pop, Myself, and Gary

And I’ll leave you with this little gem. Last season we brought a mystery bucket of mixed daffodil bulbs. While Gary wasn’t looking, I planted them in a bunch of random places throughout the front garden. They sat and waited, under the mulch. He had no idea where I’d planted them. Then they started popping up like little happiness bombs. I love daffodils. They are so simple and bright and cheerful. This one is the first to pop up this year, down near out letterbox:


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