recipe – “Asian Tacos”

My two younger sisters are with us tonight. Mum dropped Lisa to my house after work and I drove her over to her hockey match in Albury. Kate got a lift with someone else and I took my pirate quilt and cheered them on to a 2 all draw in the thunder and the hail.

Prior to this, however, I got some meat marinating. Knowing it was going to be a late dinner I prepared part of it earlier in the day. I wanted something light, fresh, and somewhat Vietnamese inspired. I had an idea for something like rice paper rolls, with a bit of crunch. Except I didn’t feel like rice paper so I decided to use lettuce instead. Kate ended up deciding they were “Asian Tacos” so I think we should stick to that. Sounds good enough for me.

I had two lots of meat marinating while we were at hockey. Here’s what I did:

Overall ingredients for meat (or rough guesses)
500gm of Beef
500gm of free range chicken (any boneless part that you want)
2 stalks lemongrass
1 – 2 chilis (more if you’re game)
6 cloves garlic (I put 3 in each)
2-3 cm piece of fresh Ginger
splash of Mirin
1 bunch of fresh coriander
zest and juice of 1 lime

For the rest of the meal:
Iceberg Lettuce leaves, peeled off the head whole.
Snow Pea Shoots
Red Capsicum
rice noodles (thin ones)
Dipping Sauce or ingredients for one.

Lemongrass Beef.
Very finely Grate (or smash in a mortar and Pestle) some fresh lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chili. Add a touch of sesame oil and a tiny bit of Mirin (certianly optional – or try a pinch of sugar if you don’t have Mirin). Mix through some beef, cut into strips and marinate for the length of a field hockey game (70 mins, plus the warm-up and aftergame talk)

Coriander and lime Chicken.
Smash one whole bunch (including roots if they are clean enough) of fresh coriander, some garlic, a bit of salt, some fish sauce – not too much – and some oil in a mortar and pestle to make a nice paste. Add zest and juice of a lime. I used half a lime and it probably could have done with more. mix that through your chicken and marinate until ready.

I then cooked up the beef in a frying pan (as I brought pre-cut strips and they were too small to skewer properly), and skewered the chicken chunks and BBQ’d them.

Yummy green chicken

While the meat was cooking the girls helped me cut up the rest of it and make the sauce. We took a recipie from this book: Vietnamese Street Food. I won’t post the recipe here at the moment but it’s a basic dipping sauce, with lime juice, rice vinegar, fish sauce, chili, garlic, and sugar. Yum!

Lisa made the sauce…

…while Kate chopped some veggies

Kate and I chopped a few things up. We ended up with thin carrot sticks, sliced spring onion, thin sticks of red capsicum and some snowpea shoots. Check it out:

The noodles are not in this photo – they’re on their way to the table though

The sauce ended up tasting pretty good – although it was less a dipping sauce and more a “pour on your food and let it drip everywhere” kind of sauce. Whatever works.

tasty tasty sauce

How To Eat:
1) Put in mouth
2) Chew
3) Swallow
4) repeat steps 1-3 until foodstuffs is gone.

…. no seriously, this meal is fun. Grab a lettuce leaf, put some noodles in, then some meat, then the veggies.

the final product


and Nom.


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