A lovely Sunday together…

So this morning Gary and I slept in. Then we headed off to Cafe Borellas in Albury for some breakfast. At 11:30am…

He had a thai beef salad. I had Lasagne. He regretted his choice, given it wasn’t as spicy as he had hoped it would be, and I had delicious beef Lasagne.

After that we went searching for some hiking boots for our trip to Nepal. I already have some Merrels and I’m pretty happy with them, although they have to be waterproofed. We can make that happen. Gary is trying to get used to the idea of wearing boots that sit so snug around your ankles, as he has grown up running around everywhere barefoot and isn’t used to feeling constricted.

Anyway, we trundled off to the bookshop and then headed home to get our things and go for a walk. Remember my photos from this post? Well we tackled that hill today, with myself and Gary.

It was a good walk. I remember walking the circuit regularly a few years back and it generally took me an hour and 10 minutes. But now it seems that my fitness has gotten better because today we cut 20 minutes off that time. Apparently all the walking up and down hills is working.

Anyway, we found patches of frost that hadn’t defrosted during the day, which suprised me, however as Gary pointed out the sun wouldn’t get much of a chance to shine on that part of the hill due to it’s position and the cover from the trees. By the end of the track I was pretty thirsty and really wanted to scoop up some ice and eat it but it probably wasn’t the best idea.

So here’s some photos for you. I don’t claim to be a photographer, I just like taking heaps of photos of things and sharing them with people (who usually get bored of flicking through all the bad ones to find the good ones). Sometimes the photos turn out well, mostly there’s something off, like the colour or the light etc. Still, I enjoy what I do. And in beautiful surrounds like I have, I can’t help but want to capture it all!

Gary running ahead… as usual

lovely ferny section on the dark, damp side of the hill

last nights frost, still frozen at 5pm

water dripping over moss-covered rocks

And finally, this little guy, who Gary spotted rustling about in the grass. He didn’t seem scared of us at all and even came up towards the camera at one point. Still it was difficult to get a decent shot as he was below the path and in the grass. I believe he (or she) is a native mouse, although I’m not sure what species.

happy little mouse.


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