new project

I have started making a new Crochet project. I have some beautiful Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn from K2tog. It’s a wonderful shade of deep blue, with slight variations. I haven’t worked with anything this light before, but it’s beautiful. It’s working up quite soft and warm. It’s 50% Alpaca, 30% Merino, 10% silk, and 10% Nylon.

Here’s where I’m up to:

Yes it’s a little wonky.

This is a lovely Shawl. I found the pattern on Ravelry here. I struggled at first with the beading sections, purely because of the beads, and the fact that I couldn’t find any suitable beads, Then I found some as part of a pack with a few other useless (for this project) beads. Here’s the ones I’m working with:

aren’t they pretty?

I’m not sure how many I will need, but I’ll get more as I go along. I also don’t think the fist photo does the colours justice so maybe when it’s done I’ll pick a sunny day and model it outside.

also, if anyone reading this would like to friend me on Ravelry, I’m Nickerockers.


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