The Perils of Shiftwork and watching Game Of Thrones.

This week is a lonely week for me. Gary works shift work, and the weeks he is on Afternoon shift (starting in the afternoon and coming home at about midnight or sometimes later) he is asleep when I go to work, and I am asleep when he comes home.

Two ships in the night…

So we have a whiteboard in the kitchen, and we leave messages for each other. He draws me pictures sometimes and I write convoluted messages full of ridiculous sounding exaggerations which sound awesome. Sometimes he visits me at work for lunch (on the rare occasions that I manage to get lunch on time). We text and call to keep in touch, and occasionally I’ll keep myself awake to see him then I crash.

But this week is particularly difficult. We are watching Game of Thrones season 2. But the question arose when I was in the shower, pondering things…. How would we manage to keep watching Game of Thrones together if we don’t see each other awake? How can we avoid the inevitable accidental spoilers and the agony of knowing the other person knows what’s going on?

I pondered… I could go to sleep, wake up when he gets home and watch one… But no, short naps like that often make me feel unwell. Maybe he could watch it in the morning? No that wouldn’t work at all…

Then he called me, clearly thinking the same thoughts. We agreed – I will watch only ONE episode then go to bed. Then he will watch only ONE. and so on till the end of the week. That way we don’t get ahead of each other, and there’s no accidental spoilers.

I’m glad we can sort out the difficult things that easily.


One thought on “The Perils of Shiftwork and watching Game Of Thrones.

  1. LOL! If it was Peter he would give up and say “watch it all for me and summarise over breakfast”.

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