Spring is coming

If I was in Game of thrones, and I wasn’t a random warrior maiden, I’d totally be a member of the Stark family. Everything about them suits my ideals of a medieval time – honour, duty, tradition. They worship the old gods. They live in harsh lands. The defend the north and they live by the rule of the one who decides the sentence must carry it out. Yeah, I’d totally be a Stark. And if I was a main character, I’d totally be Arya. Then I could defy gender stereotypes and learn sword fighting and spend my days exploring castles. Also I’d get to hang around Gendry while he practices his sword fighting with his shirt off. And I’d totally get a direwolf for a companion. Flip yeah!

Anyhow, this is all an unnecessary lead up to the title of my post. The Stark words are “Winter is coming”. But at the moment, winter is fast fading and I’m seeing spring popping up all over the place.

so my words today are “Spring is coming.” check out what’s going on in our garden.

Gary has some little seed greenhouse things.. Apparently these seeds are a surprise for me – can anyone give suggestions for what they might be because Gary is neither confirming nor denying anything when I guess.

The asparagus is coming up. And yes, we need to weed and mulch our veggie garden again.

I’m planning on using some of this delicious looking cabbage this week – any suggestions?


Our little apricot tree is starting to bud…

I can’t wait for this beetroot to be ready. It will be delicious

we have two specific spots in our backyard where rainwater pools and doesn’t drain for ages. Our solution – Swamp Banksia!

We harvested some of the turnips (and we roasted them with venison for dinner)

don’t they look delicious?

we have heaps of these down the path out the front.

These Hyacinths smell amazing. They are now one of my favorite flowers.

We have these ones, the pink ones, and white along with daffodils and paper daisies under the magnolia tree. And they smell so good!


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