quick update, and a recipe.

So I’m not great with keeping up with this whole blogging thing when work gets busy…

but heres my latest Goings On…

1) My gym work is clearly getting me somewhere. I came home frustrated on Tuesday, went to the gym and SMASHED out my workout. 20 minutes on the elliptical, set for a low intensity warmup that turned into a fairly intense cardio session because I was angry and listening to disturbed and that always pumps me up for exercise. Then I got straight on the stair machine for half an hour and did 142 floors.

But here’s the thing – I found myself grinning like a madman. Because it struck me somewhere along the way that in regards to my abilities at the start of my gym attendance, I was beating the crap outta my gym work. So there I am, dripping sweat everywhere, drinking a litre or more of water, listening to angry Disturbed music, grinning like a maniac and feeling like I’m made of awesome. Then I did some work on the weights machine and some crunches and went home to eat Venison steaks with Sweet potato mash and silverbeet from the garden.

2) I love my honey mustard marinade. It’s so delicious. I have adapted it from….. somewhere. Anyway, here’s my recipe for it:

Honey Mustard Marinade (great on chicken destined for the BBQ)

equal parts wholegrain mustard and honey.
I use about a quarter of a cup of each for 500g of chicken.
A generous splash of good olive oil.
A few cloves of garlic (about 2 should do for this amount – you only want a hint of garlic)
juice of half a lemon.
a dash of cayenne pepper (optional)

Mix all together and marinade for a few hours – overnight is best.
personally, I think this marinade is best used on chicken which is then BBQ’d – I usually chop chicken breast into chunks and skewer it once marinaded then grill it. This week I marinaded chicken wing pieces and basically baked them by putting them on a tray and closing the lid on the BBQ.

which leads me on to my next point:

3) I love our BBQ. It’s so much nicer than trying to use our oven. and there’s nothing like quite like coming home from the gym (on Tuesday) to the smell of venison steaks cooking on the BBQ… or stepping out of the shower (Wednesday) and smelling the sweet honey mustard chicken smell… Also there’s much less mess and it doesn’t heat up our kitchen too much.

4) I feel really crafty so there might be a “finished projects” post coming shortly.

5) Those surprise seedlings are basil! HELL YES! delicious basil. I’ve already told them they need to grow up big and strong so I can smash them to a pulp and make tasty tasty pesto.

and that is that for the time being.

Oh, wait, I also discovered Pinterest. I quite like it.


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