Why I love our garden.

I was going to post about Mother Dearest’s 50th birthday which I attended on Saturday, however I seem to have misplaced my camera and the story wouldn’t be as good without it. Suffice to say that Woodfire Pizzas were the order of the night, I had a cake disaster (I made a vesuvius Cake. It was originally a Chocolate orange Cake but it was an epic fail. Thanks, Shitty Oven.) which I then fixed with Plan B – a flourless chocolate cake.

I also made a fabric-covered photo board, and spent the majority of the night leaning into a woodfire oven to cook pizzas… I now have blisters in uncomfortable places due to having to take my synthetic (and therefore melty) cardigan off and dealing with the oven in a short sleeved, little-bit-low cut top. It’s all good though, my Aloe Vera plant is doing it’s job well.

SO ANYWAY… tonight’s post will be about what I did when I got home today, and Mother Dearest’s birthday report will have to wait.

I love our garden. I wanted a veggie curry for dinner tonight, so when I got home from work I trundled out the back to bring in the washing, say hello to little Zephyr dog, and forage in the garden.

Here’s what I brought inside:
1 large spring onion (complete with flower)
a decent sized head of broccoli
a bunch of rainbow chard/silverbeet
a few turnips, complete with greens.

I’m going to add this to some carrot from the fridge and some bean curd puffs, cook it in a nice red curry sauce with the addition of some leaves from our kaffir lime tree, as well as a few leaves from the vietnamese mint plant out the front, and dish it up with some medium grain brown rice.

I love the ability to walk out the back door and feed myself. I love that when our garden is in full swing I pretty much only have to buy bread and milk and a bit of meat here and there. I also love how easy it is, and how fresh it is. Nothing ever tastes as good as a strawberry straight off the plant, or a fresh basil pesto that was in the ground 20 minutes ago and is now tossed through homemade pasta… Ok so I haven’t combined homemade pasta and fresh basil pesto, but when summer comes again my mortar and pestle and my pasta roller are gonna get a hell of a workout. and Broccoli… Don’t even get me started on how much I love broccoli.

Nothing is ever as good as baked beetroot, chopped and mixed with spring onion, goats fetta, fresh mint leaves, raw walnuts, and balsamic vinegar, served next to delicious honey mustard chicken skewers and beetroot leaf quiche. It feels so satisfying to create your own food. For me, the entire process of creating meals is a joy. Now there’s more of a connection to my food and to the sense of pride in growing, harvesting, and using our fruits and vegetables. Granted, Gary does most of the garden work but I do the cooking and I weeded a small section today! I also water it when it’s warm and he’s on afternoon shift.

Oh my goodness. I am making myself hungry. But Now I’m off to the gym, then I’ll cook my delicious curry.

UPDATE: the curry was delicious, particularly the broccoli.
Also since I picked the silverbeet/chard before deciding to throw turnips in as well, I didn’t use the turnip greens in the curry. I did, however, thoroughly clean them, chop them, and briefly cook them. I then let them cool then packed them into some zip lock bags and labled them for freezing. Now that I’m discovering the wealth of ways to use them, that lot will be available whenever I need some tasty greens.


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