challenge accepted

I made a milestone today – I managed to run for a full 3kms without stopping at all. For me, that’s an achievement. It’s been a long time since I could manage that… I’ve been able to run further, but always with regular walking breaks and never a straight run. So now that I’ve achieved it I’ve set my next goal – 5kms. And I need to do it by November. Today, via Pinterest, I discovered the existence of the Color Run. I feel weird writing it like that because we write it as “Colour”, not “Color”. Anyhow, spelling aside, it seems like a good, fun event – something that anyone can take part in and just have a good time. I fully intend on running the Melbourne one – and all plans going well, I intend to take a few people with me!

I just hope registrations don’t open while I’m overseas and then I miss out on it.

In other news, my weightloss goals are in progress. I am down nearly 5 kgs from my initial start, which was a few months ago. My fitness has increased greatly, as evidenced by my ability to run further, work harder, and recover quicker from workouts.
I’m feeling healthy and positive, and I feel like good things are coming my way.

Tonights meal was pan seared salmon (crispy skin!), Silverbeet from the garden sauteed with some kale, onion, and mushrooms, and some 4 bean mix. Here’s a shot of Gary’s plate – mine had a little less on it. NOM NOM NOM!


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