update on the preserves, and news.

Don’t freak out. My news is not that I’m pregnant. (why does everyone jump to that conclusion when I say I have news? Just because I am 25 and in a stable relationship doesn’t mean I’m popping out babies.)

So my pickles from last week worked out. I like the broccoli stems the most – the turnips have a lovely colour but a tad too much bite for my taste. The broccoli was lovely and a more gentle vinegar taste, with a touch of sweetness. Gary liked the opposite, for the same reason.

My marmalade also ended up setting more as it cooled. It’s not completely solid, but it’s thick enough not to have to get it out with a spoon. I’m happy. It’s pretty tasty.

In other news, I got a promotion at work. I don’t talk about work here generally, but I feel like I want to share my excitement. My program manager is going on maternity leave, so I applied for, and was offered the job. It’s a good experience for me to step up, and pretty exciting for me in terms of my social work career. I feel pretty settled in my current role, so it’s time to mix things up a bit and set myself a challenge.

I will start when I get back from our trip to Nepal. Which is in a couple of weeks. We have so much stuff still to buy (I need a new daypack, since mine finally died. Also little things like pocket knives and head torches. And hopefully some sort of solar charger for my camera.)

Everything should be finalised with the travel agent now. It’s just organising our gear and actually getting to and from the airport that we need to sort out now. I’m exited and nervous, because it will physically be the biggest thing I’ve ever done. 18 days of trekking around the Himalayas? challenge accepted.


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