very quick post.

Just a post to keep this thing ticking over. I feel like I’ve had no time to myself lately! I had my sister with us for the week (she was attending a swim clinic in town so she stayed here and I ferried her across town each morning and night before returning her to mum on friday).

I was also on call, and doing some running about trying to get a few more things before the trip on friday. I’m feeling a little stressed because so much of this trip is unknown – I’ve roughed it on a few holidays, but I’ve never been so far from civilisation for such a long time. Things like accessing funds or picking up extras if we find we need them – but I’ve followed the list the tour group gave us and have packed everything.

Saturday was more shopping, and getting our final items. I decided to pick up my own gore-tex jacket, as opposed to borrowing the one my friend offered to me. This provides me with two benefits: I have my own jacket later on, and I don’t need to worry if I damage my friends. I’ve packed my gear and can fit everything as well as my daypack into my larger hiking pack. Once I come back from the trip I will do up a list of everything we took and what was used/not used.

I’m a bit worried about my camera. It’s got the lithium batteries, not just simple AA batteries. I brought a spare and if I resist the urge to photograph EVERYTHING I should be able to get through most of it. I might pick up another spare battery and keep 2 spares fully charged. Apart from that…. we’re pretty much ready to go. We head off next friday.


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