Lamb shanks and polenta

Just wanted to post a picture of my lovely meal I had last night. I’ve never cooked lamb shanks, and I’ve also never cooked polenta. But yesterday morning I browned some shanks, and threw them in my slow cooker with a sauce made from garlic, onion, chunks of carrots, tomatos, red wine, and beef stock. For herbs I threw in some dried mixed herbs (which I was given last time I was at Poppy Harry’s place) and some fresh thyme from the garden.

It simmered away all day in my slow cooker. We didn’t end up eating till 9 so it was pretty much cooking for 12 hours. I cooked some polenta according to directions (too thick and salty, I had to add water) and zapped some green beans briefly in the microwave.

When I went to dish up the lamb, I grabbed a piece with the tongs and the bone fell out. So that 12 hours of cooking made them very tender.

A twist of the pepper grinder and some crusty bread to accompany and it was done!



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