Camping on Mount Buffalo


This is a panorama photo from our Mount Buffalo trip. I’m hoping it uploads correctly from my phone…..

Anyway, this is the view down towards the lookout from the Chalet. If you head down past the lookout, you come to the hang gliding ramp.


I once pushed my dad off this. He used to fly hang gliders. I remember trips up to Buffalo as a child, and also with school, but its been a while since I was last there.

We camped out with a few of Gary’s friends. We had a great site at the lake Catani campground. Our site had a fire pit. Not all of them have one, so whether that was planned or luck I’m not sure.


I accidentally forgot my waterproof and shockproof camera (stupid me) so I only had my phone with me. Which meant two things: 1) it went flat and I missed getting photos of the second day there, and 2) I couldn’t take my phone into the underground river with me.

So you’ll have to imagine us in the caves in really cold water, which at one point we had to swim through. It must be noted that we had safety gear (helmets, lights, rope and extra lights) and we were going in with someone who had been in before.

More of that later though. I managed to snap a few shots while climbing the Horn, the highest point of the Mount Buffalo plateau.




And another panorama, from the top of the horn:


Now for the caving.

It was quite an experience, for the 20-50 meters we went in. It was probably about 20 meters in a straight line, but there was a bit of twisting and turning involved. We got to a point where we weren’t certain we could get through so we turned back rather than risk it. I’ve been caving before, and there’s been mud and puddles, but I’ve never been in an underground river.

We came out and scrambled up and over the boulders filling the section above the river. We were looking for another way in, but as we weren’t sure we didn’t go too far in the second entrance we found.

On the way back to camp, we saw a snake, about 1.5m long just chilling in the last sunny spot for the day. And he did not want to move. We didn’t want to risk walking around him as there wasn’t really enough room so one of the boys got a really long stick and poked him until he moved off the road. Now sure what variety he was but he had a black back and a copper belly.

On the last day Gary and I took the walk from the campgrounds up to Caldwell galleries. It’s about a 20 minute walk up to the granite outcropping. You climb down through a snug space and it opens up into this awesome walkway. There’s granite walls straight up either side of you, with boulders balancing across the top. You walk along and climb down a bit, then you pop out the other side and loop back around to camp. It was beautiful, and next time ill make sure to take my camera and get some decent photos.
The rest of our time consisted of lounging about camp:


Cooking lovely vegan camp food:


And swimming in the lake:


It was pretty relaxing, and I didn’t want to come home at the end. Just one or two more days there would have been lovely.



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