A post about nothing in particular.

I want to write something, but I don’t know what. I know plenty of people are talking about the Boston Marathon tragedy, but I feel like the words I would want to say are already out there. 

I have no desire to share a recipe today, and I want to write about our weekend camping over easter… But I need to go through photos. 

So instead, here’s 5 things people may (or may not know about me) 

1) When I went on exchange to Scotland in 2003 I secretly harboured a belief that it was entirely possible I would accidently bump into an actual prince and he would fall in love with me. I’m actually pretty glad that didn’t happen. The prince, castle and money and all that would be great, but the rest would be pretty terrible. 

2) I am a little bit of an old lady – I crochet, I sew, I quilt, and I make preserves. However I balance that with xbox and a strong desire to jump in puddles and throw food at my Gary. 

3) One of my eyes doesn’t work and won’t focus on anything, ever. This means my depth perception is pretty crap and it’s hard for me to catch something if it’s tossed to me from directly in front. From the side or on an angle is fine. Also I can’t watch most 3D movies without my brain exploding. 

4) I really like brussel sprouts. 

5) Secretly, I still like Savage Garden.  


apologies for my terrible post. 


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