Homemade tofu mold

Tofu is healthy and also delicious, right? And easy to make at home. I made some last week and I wanted to make more today.

So I used the same recipe and made some, but since I ruined the takeaway containers last time and they weren’t really sturdy enough, I took an idea I saw somewhere (sorry but I can’t remember where!!).

So I got two loaf tins, nicely asked Gary to drill some holes in the bottom and along the base of the sides of one.

He then tidied it up for me so there was no rough bits to catch on the cheesecloth.

Then I lined it with cheesecloth and poured in the curds. I folded the cloth over to cover it and set the second (not holey) tin into it. I have weighed it down with jars of water.

If you don’t want to keep the whey you can do it straight into the sink. Since we are using it for the garden I have balanced my mold on 2 big cooking chopsticks over a bowl.

Can’t wait to eat this tomorrow in a nice fresh stir fry!!


Also I am watching The Hobbit on my laptop while all this is going down. I love it.



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