Obligatory Mother’s Day post

The title of this post is more a nod to the fact that I’ve already seen quite a few Mother’s Day posts and I’m jumping on the bandwagon, rather than the reluctance to post that it might imply.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Australia. Or as my little brother put it in a text to mum, “mature aged lady with offspring day”.

We started with an outing to the Mother’s Day classic, a 5km run/walk around the lake at Sumsion Gardens in Wodonga. Kate, Gary and I ran. Mum and Lisa walked. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

myself, mum, Lisa and Kate. We all got these shirts… Although mum had to do some convincing for my sisters to wear them

The course was pretty straight forward – around the lake with one extra bit on the first lap to make the distance. According to my Garmin the course was 4.6kms not 5kms but since its a fun run to raise funds for breast cancer research nobody really minded.

Gary raced with some kid and they two of them finished first. The kid was desperate to “win” (we were told in the run briefing that it was not a competition and Gary laughed) and he did cross the line first. I was finishing my first lap and as I went past I saw the kid on the ground and Gary looking like he was asking if he was ok. Gary runs pretty fast (he did it in about 18mins) so I applaud anyone who can keep up with him (or beat him).

I did the course in 28mins. I did walk a few sections as my stomach wasn’t feeling well, so I probably could have beaten my PR for a 5km if that hadn’t happened. I’m still happy with my time though. Even walking I was completing my kms at a normal pace for me, so I was obviously running faster than normal.

My calves were pretty tight afterwards though so I think I need to work more on stretching and strengthening them. I’ve also started yoga this week so hopefully that will help to get more flexibility and loosen off some of the muscles a bit more.

Then it was off to Spotlight, with mum having confirmed what presents she wanted. I got her some quilting templates. Then lunch, and I went over to mums house for a lovely BBQ, joined by Scott and Lotta.

The girls made dessert.

these teddies are supposed to be racing. But since some of the card had cracks and there were a few broken limbs amongst the teddies, they arranged them as though they had a crash.

Mum took some more photos of us girls with our shirts.


So, in closing, we had a great Mother’s Day, being active in the morning as a family and then spending time around he BBQ in the afternoon. I do appreciate my mum. She’s done a pretty good job with what she’s had to work with (all of us kids can be little shots sometimes) and she still has a great sense of humor.

Makes me appreciate it so much more too seeing mothers who won’t, or can’t be mothers through my work. There’s been plenty of women in my life who at one time or another have stood up to support me and care for me. Plenty of women who show me the strength that a mother can have. Im lucky enough to have a stepmother who has made the space for me in her life and cares about me.

One day I am sure I’ll have kidlets of my own (but don’t panic – I’m not having them yet. Gary hasn’t agreed to the name Optimus Danger so I’m not producing children until he does*) and I hope I can take the things I’ve learned from these people and put it into practice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, surrogate or biological, soon to be or future mothers, the ones that aren’t mothers anymore, and the ones who can’t be mothers. Keep in mind though that although I’m probably a bit biased, my mum is the best there is. My shirt reads true. I do love my mum.


P.S my sister Kate is ticklish.


*I’m joking about this being a condition…… Or am I?


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