Weekend update – Running, hockey and crafting

This weekend has been a rather good one for me. I’ve achieved a couple of things.

Saturday I got up at 7am as usual to take my sister Kate to work. She stays at my place Friday night and I drive her to work, otherwise mum would have to get up an hour earlier and drive her in (I’m a good sister!).

I love the morning drives at this time of the year, because its all foggy and sunrise-y and pretty.


If I get myself organised next week I might even take my gear out and go for a run out there – it’s so pretty!

After that I went to yoga. I’m enjoying it a lot and its great that each class is a bit different, although there’s some things that we do every class like downwards dog and cobras. I’m glad I started going, and I’m using some of the poses for my post run stretching as well.

After yoga was some breakfast, and a bit of shopping. I have been looking for a long sleeve running top for winter. I have one, but I wanted a second one to be able to rotate through and make sure I always had a clean one to wear. I don’t like anything flapping about when I run, so I need a relatively fitted one, which doesn’t provide too much warmth. I get very warm when I run but I need to keep the cold air off my skin – this is one of the few times I get fussy about clothing.

I also don’t like clothing with huge logos or brand names on them, and also since pretty much all my running pants are black, I wanted colour. Colour would be safer for running at night anyway.

I found the perfect top in Lorna Jane, so yes it was a little pricy. But it’s a lovely colour.


Next was watching my sisters play hockey. I’m pretty impressed with how they are – they have both picked up a lot of confidence and are getting into the game more.

After that was a run (with my new top). I set out planning to run 5 – 6 kms. As I headed out I decided to run to federation hill, climb the steep bit, run along the top track, and then back down.

Here’s an old picture of the view from federation hill:

I like to think of this one as Mount Doom

So I did that, taking some walking breaks on the way up and the way down. Coming down is pretty steep as well so its hard to run full speed anyway and still be controlled.

Then something clicked and the rest of it was easy. I don’t know if it was doing all that hard work first, but I maintained a pretty steady pace for the last 4kms and didn’t need to stop at all. I ran to 6, and felt good so I kept going. I got to 7kms, and I thought to myself that I might as well do 8. When I got to 8 I felt like I could keep going – after all, it was only 2kms more to make 10 and I’d already made 8. But I decided to go home as it was getting a bit late and I was hungry. It took me almost exactly an hour. I was pretty proud of myself.

Some stretches and plenty of water later, I still felt awesome.

Sunday was hockey for me. I was put up on the forward line again and it paid off.

I scored our first goal. It was wonderfully easy too …. I ran up the wing, got myself away from my defender, our centre passed it across to me and I slapped it straight in. I was so happy with myself – I’ve been on the back line for the last 10 years or so (feels like it anyway) and then I get a goal!

Then one of my team mates got another one in, and we won! It was great. We don’t tend to get many wins, particularly in the first half of the season.

I’m loving the past couple of weeks, with me playing a forward because I’m running more and being a little more versatile. The instinct to drop back down the field and defend is still there, but I’m working on that.

After that I watched my brothers game (he is goalie for division 1). They won 7 – 3 so it was definitely a good game to watch.

Sunday night I made a plate of nachos (with vegan cheese) they were delicious, and I put quinoa in the bean mix for an extra nutrition boost. I’ve been using it a lot lately. Need to thicken a stew? Quinoa. Making a Mexican themed bean soup? Quinoa. Want to reward yourself with delicious plant based proteins after a great game of hockey? Quinoa. I love it.

I also threw some guacamole and chopped coriander on top

Then, while we watched Community, I decided to start a new crochet project. I have this beautiful wool that has been sitting in my cupboard for a while and I didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve decided on a basic cowl, with a twist (so its a möbius). I was going to play around with some fancy stitches, but the colour in the yarn is going to look nice with just a few rows of straight double crochet, I think. I’m kind of just making this up as I go, and depending on how much yarn I have left I might make a set of matching basic gloves to go with it.


I love the colours!

We also picked a ridiculous amount of pumpkins yesterday. I might make that a separate post though, and I’ll be looking for more pumpkin recipes to use them all up.

these all came from a single vine!

All in all, it was a good weekend.


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