It’s so late and I can’t sleep, so here’s some quick thoughts on DnD

It’s 11:30pm and I am tired but not ready for bed. 

I blame Thursdays. Thursday is Dungeons and Dragons night, and tonight was a fairly epic battle. 

Stella Swiftblade, halfling rogue, has inspired a coup against and survived a duel with the leader of a bandit group…. And has acquired her own thieves guild. Or maybe she’ll make them a band of mercenaries. Stella isn’t sure yet. Stella also tends to refer to herself in the third person. Her companions had some epic battles too…. one having a silent wizard mind battle that ended with a huge thunderwave, and the other battled almost to death, with an injured man, against a series of Orcs and a Drow. We broke the cardinal rule of DnD: Don’t split the party. But we still survived (only just though). 

Stella has also acquired an awesome shortsword. It is invisible in darkness, and poisons opponents with a critical hit. Stella has named it Shadowfang. 

After all that awesome I need time to wind down before I sleep. 

Sometimes I wonder if I really want to keep playing DnD. I’ve done it for a while now. But every week when I do go it’s another outlet, a social event, and time to just cut loose with whatever I want. I enjoy role playing, probably for the same reason that I have devoured fantasy books from a young age – it’s escapism. Not that I have anything to hide from now, it’s just… everyone needs an outlet.

I have running which helps when I’m frustrated, but this is a collective creation of something that doesn’t exist at all. It’s the mutual imagining of epic adventures and deeds. It’s a story we control and a story we write as we go. 

DnD allows expression, teaches teamwork and strategy, develops imagination, and provides a purpose for people to set aside time for each other. It allows you exercise that inner child who is just busting to get out. Thats why I keep going, and thats why I love it. 




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