Sidelined by mysterious injury

Ok so my post about how wonderful everything was with my health obviously jinxed me.

I woke up this morning with severe pain through my right neck and shoulder. I rolled (painfully) out of bed and thought about whether or not I should attend yoga this morning. I decided to, but gave myself permission to leave if it turned out I couldn’t do any poses due to pain.

I told the instructor, and it turned out he had an injury too so he talked us through the poses and another regular demonstrated for everyone.

I found I couldn’t twist to the right, look up, look to the side, or raise my arms to shoulder level. Downwards dog pose was ok until we started shifting weight forwards. So there was a lot I didn’t do or I modified. I spent a bit of time just in child’s pose, and decided I probably shouldn’t have come after all.

Throughout the day the pain got worse.

Then someone at work pointed out I looked like this:

I’m aware this is definitely not a flattering photo

My right shoulder was sitting a fair bit lower than my left, and as the day went on I started bending further right. So after several panadols, a lot of time with a heatpack on my shoulder and neck, and being hassled by my colleagues (in the best way possible) I booked a physio appointment this afternoon and saw someone about it.

the physio massaged out some of the tension and had a feel of my neck. I do get a little worried when health professionals start poking me muttering things like “oh my!” and “that’s not good”. As it turns out I have an inflamed disc in my neck. Apparently it’s weird because its quite high up on my neck and they are usually lower. We couldn’t pinpoint a trigger but they can sometimes just happen for no apparent reason.

Verdict is rest, heat, and anti inflammatory medication. And no running for a while, potentially up to a week but hopefully just a few days.

Things like this are timely reminders that we are never invincible and that we have to remember to be kind to ourselves sometimes.


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