Vegan “rum”ball… things.

So I made these the other day:


I’m not quite happy with calling them run balls as they are nothing like traditional rum balls…. Well maybe a little, in that they are chocolaty and coated in coconut. Regardless of what they are going to be called, they are pretty tasty.

These I made by whizzing 1 cup of dates, 1/2 cup of raw almonds, and half a cup of raw walnuts together with 1/4 cup raw cacao powder In the food processor.

I then drizzled in some rice malt syrup (You could use any other sweetener you like e.g honey – technically not vegan- agave, etc). I’m pretty sure it worked out to be about 2ish tablespoons but I’m not certain. Just do it to taste.

Then I kept adding Crunchy peanut butter And whizzing it some more until the mix was sticky enough to hold shape when rolled into balls. I’m fairly confident it ended up being about 3 tablespoons.

Then it’s just a matter of rolling them up and rolling in some Coconut. Keep them in the fridge and hand out to unsuspecting non vegans. Also to people you like.

I’m going to remake these with a few tweaks. It was a fairly peanuty outcome, so I’m going to try making it with almond butter next time. I’m guessing that any nut butter would work well to stick the mixture together. I also thought I could add some protein powder in to make some healthy energy/protein balls for pre and post running, since the date/nut mix is already pretty much what I like to get me through the day if I’m a bit low on energy.

I’m going to play around, but this is my base formula. If anyone has ideas for alterations let me know in the comments.


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