My weekend.

I’ve got a few things to post about today.

First off, I’m sitting here eating a plate of baked beans on toast with avocado for my lunch. Pretty tasty yes? Especially since the bread was baked in my bread maker overnight, and the beans were in the slow cooker (also overnight). I have never been a fan of baked beans from a can. I tried to like them, but I just couldn’t stomach them, unless they were mixed through a larger dish, much like the infamous “Nicole experiments with adding baked beans to spaghetti bolognaise” incident. My family was a little wary of asking me to cook Spag Bol after that.

But I was determined to try home made beans. It’s a little bit of a process, since they have to be soaked and cooked before being baked. But I quick soaked them yesterday, boiled them till tender last night and then did them in the slow cooker on low overnight. All I had to do then was add some cornflour as the sauce was quite watery – something I’ll do at an earlier stage next time.


They are baked beans I can stomach, which is an improvement. Definitely need to eat them hot though. According to Gary they are the best baked beans he ever tasted.

I used a recipe from “Bean by Bean” by someone with the best name ever – Crescent Dragonwagon. The only additions was a tiny splash of liquid smoke I found in the local Global Groceries and some vegan Worcestershire sauce. Basically it’s throw some sliced onions, cooked beans, molasses (I used treacle as I don’t have molasses), brown sugar, mustard, ginger, salt and pepper – and my additions – into the slow cooker and let it go on low for about 8or so hours.

I also made some hazelnut shortbread, using coconut oil instead of butter. They turned out pretty good but I’m going to try another variation today so I won’t post the recipe yet.


The other thing I did was have the day off Friday, so I did a little shopping, went to some appointments, had a haircut and then I went for a run.

I went out to Mcfarlanes hill and ran the ridge track. When I say run, I mean I walked the particularly steep and/or rocky sections and ran the rest. I took about 5 mins off my last time for the track.

This was one of the sections I walked. Still not 100% confident in my agility!

It’s lovely up there. The track runs beside a paddock and the grass is incredibly green right now.


The track is pretty narrow, but it’s reasonably well maintained. Just a bit overgrown at the moment with it being spring and everything. Basically the track is a big loop, running up the hill, along the boundary, then down and back a bit lower on the hill.


Another thing we have been doing is gardening this weekend. We spent all last Sunday outside too as the weather has really come through for us each Sunday.

Our Silvanberries are flowering right now. Can’t wait to see how the fruit is once it’s ready. We haven’t had any fruit yet as this is it’s first season.


We’ve repotted my lemongrass from last year – Gary pulled it up because we thought it wasn’t growing back after the winter die off, but we found green stems in there so it’s now in a pot out the front. My rosemary has also been shifted closer to the veggie garden and we’ve brought some more natives to put in.

In fact, I should probably head back out and see if he needs a hand. It’s way too lovely to stay inside today.


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