challenge accepted

Last week I started running with my sister in law Lotta (you can read her swedish language blog here). We went on a couple of runs, and although we had a slight setback of me leaving work late on friday, it was very enjoyable.

I confessed a growing ambition of mine – to set another challenge for myself, with a particular distance in mind.

She agreed to do this challenge with me, and so I have signed the both of us up for a half marathon. In 9 weeks time. On my birthday weekend. For my 27th birthday I will be running 21kms, and there will be no drinking until the weekend after.

It’s big, but I think it’s achievable. I have no set time I want to beat – although a rough estimate would place me at about 2.5 hours ish. I haven’t run further than 10kms yet though so time will tell. I’ve been researching a few training programs, and while a lot are longer than 9 weeks, there’s also quite a few that are 9 weeks or shorter.

At the moment the plan for each week is to run once solo, twice together, with a long run on a friday night. I will also probably do an off road walk/run on the weekend as well, although this will be a shorter distance and focus more on hill work. I’m trying to do my monday runs in the morning as I don’t usually feel great running in the morning but I need to train my body to accept it as the race starts at 7:30am.

I’m super excited. And also a bit nervous. It will be a good test of my vegan minimalist running thing as well – can I build to a half marathon distance completely plant based and wearing shoes with no supports? This morning’s run was in my nike frees – I haven’t run in them for months, however my ankle was a little iffy so I wanted to give it just a tiny bit more rest. I will be back to my Vibram Bikilas for the wednesday run this week. I really had to focus on form to avoid going back to a heel strike (which makes my back ache something shocking). But I got there.

So, I should probably tell you about the race. It’s the Sussan Women’s Fun Run and it is a women’s only run in support of Breast Cancer Network Australia. Much as I might disagree with womens only sporting events, this is for a good cause and it’s good timing. My birthday is on the 6th of December. This run is on 8th December, which gives us 9 weeks and will let me achieve something for my birthday.

As a final note, I think I’m going to have to get a little more organised with my food. running at night means I always end up cooking late. I’m thinking that my slow cooker needs to be used more, so when I get home there’s a pot of chili, lentils, curry or risotto waiting for me. I’m also thinking a few frozen meals and some salads in the fridge are going to have to happen.

Anyhow, here’s a few running motivation images that make me smile. I like to keep a sense of humor about these things.




I plan to keep everyone updated about our training – and if there’s any tips about how to go from 3 x 6-7 km weekly runs to a half marathon distance on a vegan diet in 9 weeks, let me know!


2 thoughts on “challenge accepted

  1. Hi, I’m the media manager at Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and your blog came up via a google alert. I am currently looking for Sussan Fun Run participants who are happy to share their stories via the media (interviews etc) or social media (Facebook posts etc). If you are interested please email

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