Training run 8kms

So lotta and I did our first training run together. It wasn’t a good one. I woke up early this morning (6am) for yoga after a somewhat unsettled night. Gary’s alarms start at 5:15 and go for half an hour because he doesn’t wake up straight away. Unfortunately I do. It’s usually ok but having had a tossing/turning night didn’t help.

I felt tired at yoga. I felt tired all day. And I felt tired when I ran. I was also dealing with an upset stomach. We did 8kms and it was a struggle, mostly due to fatigue and a few stitches and a very welcome public toilet break.

And my ankle flared up again. It doesn’t girth when I run, but it does hurt when I stop. I’ve started questioning if I have the time to build up slowly enough to run the half marathon in my vibrams. I’m going to switch out my nike frees as needed and see how things go.

Apart from that it was great. Beautiful route, through the wetlands lagoons. Apparently it’s a popular running route as we met several runners. There was also one guy who lapped us around the lagoon, shirtless and making a joke about sneaking up on us before zooming off.

We have a 10km scheduled for Friday. I’m not sure how I will go with my ankle but I have a few things to try between now and then.

When I got home I finished setting up our fundraising page.

Feel free to donate if you wish 😀

Then I cooked some dinner. I used these guys as well.

laundry mushrooms! These have been growing in a mushroom kit we’ve had in the laundry cupboard

I threw some quinoa, stock, carrots, broccoli, and corn into the rice cooker with some soy sauce, ginger and garlic powder (best idea ever to cook everything in it!) I let it cook while I had a shower. Then I sautéed some kale and snow peas from the garden and tossed that through the cooked quinoa/veg mix.

Next I quickly sautéed the chopped mushrooms in vegan butter and crushed garlic. Throw the mushrooms on top and take a dodgy photo and there you go. Protein rich, full of healthy fresh home grown food. Perfect for a post run dinner.



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