Betrayed. Also, brownies.

I am so annoyed. I haven’t been able to run since last Wednesday, which means I missed out on our 10km run Friday. I’m predicting I may be ok to run this Wednesday, but not on the trail we planned.

My ankle had betrayed me. You know how I said it was a little iffy? Well it felt ok. And I ran 8kms on Wednesday – not an unusual distance for me. It didn’t hurt at all while running but once I stopped I could barely walk. I drove round and dipped my foot in the cold cold Murray River waters before heading home and icing it a little. I’ve been hobbling around since then with it all strapped up in a brace.

The most frustrating thing is that I haven’t really increased the frequency or distance of my runs. Maybe the intensity is up a little, because lotta runs slightly faster than me and I keep up rather than slowing in the last kms or so. I think what initially did it was running down the concreted path of monument hill – there’s some steps too. Maybe I’ve jarred it? I haven’t rolled my ankle, and the pain is just above the knobby bit on the outside. Given it hurts less the more I move around I’m assuming I haven’t fractured anything.

I intend to see a physio Monday about it. I really don’t want to miss too much training because, well, I need training. I’ve already told myself I’m ok with it if I need to walk/run the race. I’ll be finishing the race even if I have to hobble 21.1 kms. But the more I train the more I will be able to run.

Anyway, depending on the level of pain I have I will run Wednesday with a brace on my ankle and in my frees. I’m thinking I might have to temporarily retire my vibrams just to reduce the pressure on my (apparently delicate) ankle.

Anyhow, whining aside, I made something delicious last night:


Peanut butter chocolate brownies, using a little of the okara left over from making tofu last week, and I also subbed in about 1/4 cup coconut flour, just because. I used this recipe.

So good! I had to bake it about 5 mins longer, and I didn’t have a suitable square pan so I made it in a round cake tin.

Also, this happened yesterday:


We’ve had a bird nesting on top of one of the pots on our potting shelves. Yesterday one of them hatched.

I went out this morning and saw this:


Three little baby blackbirds. I know blackbirds are a pest, but it’s so cool to have a bird nesting in our pots where we can watch the whole thing.

Garden babies!


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