More than one reason to love spring.

Lovely weather for a bike ride over the old stock bridge to Albury


Note: when you plan to ride to the wholesale place for soybeans, think about how much it’s going to weigh when you go past the farmers market as well and buy a bunch of stuff you didn’t initially factor in. 6kgs on your back does make a difference on the way home, especially when there’s a headwind.

Spring is also great weather for a new dress!


This is my new running dress. Of course, I’m not running right now. But with a pair of shorts under it, this dress doubles as a cycling dress. Fun!

Spring also means flowers…


…and hiding in flowers.


And because of all this new growth, we had heaps of new grape leaves. Which means….



I really should have taken photos along the way but I didn’t because I was way too involved in what I was doing.

I will hopefully write up my recipe but it’s pretty basic. Rice flavored with lemon juice, dill and mint, with some toasted pine nuts. Wrap it up in some blanched grape leaves, then set in a pot and steam in a mix of stock, lemon juice and olive oil.

I also made something like a vegan tzatziki to go with it.

1/3 tub of silken tofu, blended with a little lemon juice and a little almond milk, some chopped dill and some finely chopped cucumber.


I dished everything up with some dill potatoes and some lightly sautéed cabbage fresh from the garden (flavored with only a touch of salt and pepper).


It’s been a good day.


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