Salad fever!

I’ve been craving a big bowl of greens for the past couple of days… And I’m wondering if that’s connected to me feeling so tired over the past couple of days.

I ended up getting takeaway last night because of this:


I went for a ride on my bike and it was so lovely and I felt so fantastic I just kept riding. I planned to be home earlier but a bit over 30kms later I got home and realized it was probably a bit too late to start organizing dinner.

So we had Pad Thai (which was great anyway). Today I struggled with lunch. I didn’t end up having time to go grab the sandwich or rice paper rolls I wanted, and in a massive rush I dashed into the service station to get one of the oat bars to get me through. But guess what? There was only yoghurt coated ones left – ugh! But rather than passing out on the hour drive to the meeting I had to get to, I ate it just to get me through. I grabbed some nuts – there was only salted ones available.

So my body was still waiting for that delicious hit of fresh tasty greens.

So then I made this!


Nice big bowl of greens, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, sprouts and pecans. I’ve dished it up with a couple of veggie burgers and some onions caramelised in balsamic vinegar.

Let’s have another look at it.


Just what I was after!


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