Cabbages and lentils!

So we had half a cabbage left from the one we picked last week. We also have a few more in the garden that will need to be used soon. Much as I’m a fan of the super basic steamed cabbage with salt and pepper, I also wanted to experiment a little with it and find some new dishes.

I also felt like lentils, so tonight took on a bit of an Indian flair.


I delved into my spice rack and pulled out some of my favorites – cumin is my most used spice of all, I think. I also found the ground coriander seed, as I wanted a shortcut because it was getting late.

While I boiled about a cup of green lentils in some stock, I made the naan dough.

For this I used 2 cups plain flour with 4tsp baking powder – you can use 2 cups self raising as it’s the same thing. I then added a sprinkle (or two) of cumin seeds and then mixed some coconut milk and water in – a little at a time – till a nice dough formed. I kneaded it a little then covered it with plastic wrap and let it sit while I prepared everything else.

Finely chopped garlic and chili went into a small bowl with a generous sprinkle of each spice – heavy on the ginger and cumin, light on the coriander. I ended up throwing in some fennel seeds too. I didn’t measure anything so I can’t tell you how much of what went it.

I then thinly sliced some onion, and threw it into my pan with some coconut oil.

Once it had cooked a little, I added the bowl of garlic, chili, and spices. I let them all sizzle away till fragrant, then added some tomato. Next was the sliced cabbage, then when that had cooked down I threw in the lentils and some of their cooking stock.

After a bit of simmering, I had this to serve over some basmati rice:


As for the naan, I just chopped off a small bit of the dough, rolled it out flat, and fried in a hot pan with some more coconut oil before serving.

Delicious, healthy, and filling!



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