Vegan BBQ feast, and also Thor

I am not cooking dinner tonight (games night is on, therefore takeaway is on the cards), so I decided to have a little BBQ for lunch instead.

I had some lentil walnut loaf that I cooked in muffin tins to make single serves and froze. So they came out of the freezer and I got busy chopping potatos.

A little olive oil, salt, pepper and Cajun spices and my potatos were ready.

Onion was sliced and soaked in (vegan) Worcestershire sauce.

I also chopped a capsicum into quarters, took the stalks out of some portobello mushrooms, and then thickly sliced a tomato.

Throw it all on the BBQ – potato and onion first as they take a little longer to cook.


I started the loaf on the plate as I wasn’t sure how well it would hold together, but I moved it to the grill when I put the mushrooms and tomato on.

At the end I added some basil pesto to the mushrooms. I also added some of this amazing jar:


I got this to try, expecting a mild cheese. Wow. This is exactly like I remember blue cheese tasting. Blew my mind! And it’s completely raw vegan.

In other news, we watched Thor: the dark world the other night. I enjoyed it. (Come on, it’s Thor. I could watch that all day)
I’m not going to review it, suffice to say that it was enjoyable, Frigga needs her own movie, and I want Natalie Portman’s dress. The one with the armoured breastplate.

I’m also happy that twice in the movie it looked like they were setting up for a jealousy issue, but then they were like “nope! Done with that shit. Let’s get on with saving the world.” Awesome.


I also saw this awesome ad outside our local shopping centre and loved it:



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