Challenge accepted – assistance required!

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some assistance. I’ve decided to set myself a weekly challenge for every week of next year.

These challenges can fall under any category really, but I’m focussing on working towards a healthier, wholistic, conscious lifestyle. I’m also accepting fun challenges

Some of the challenges already suggested include things like:

– set aside time for reading fiction every day
– no TV
– don’t buy anything with plastic
– exercise (of some form) every day
– a week of only eating raw food.
– meditate every day
– don’t use an ATM for a week, and only use cash. I’m assuming this one is about maki me more conscious of the money I’m spending!
– participate in the “below the poverty line” challenge. I need more info on that one.

Etc, etc.

I’m looking for challenges that are challenging, but achievable. They can be related to social things, food related, focus on emotional well being, anything really.

There’s only a couple of rules.

1) they must be practical. A 1 week vow of silence isn’t practical for me because I need my voice for work.
2) if they are food related, please keep in mind that I intend to remain vegan.
3) I don’t have to accept every challenge, but once it’s accepted and scheduled I must do my best to complete it.
4) I will blog weekly with the title “challenge accepted week #”, where I will report the week that’s been and the challenge for the week ahead. It will start Jan 1.

so if there’s any suggestions, please make them in the comments. Help me set enough challenges to get me through the year!



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