Running, random stir fry, and other things.

Q) what does Nicole do if she’s got a day off and it’s raining?

A) takes the dog for a run.

I love running in the rain. It’s refreshing, there’s puddles to splash in and there’s not too many other people out and about on foot (which also means no other dogs to distract my dog).

Plus, all the people driving their cars about think “why is this crazy person running in the rain?” .

pic source, and tips for running in the rain

I think I’ve always enjoyed rain. I love the sound of it. I love puddles. Actually, I think it’s the fact that it’s water. I love water. I love being in it, on it, or under it.

This run was better than the last couple I have done. I ran a couple of short runs after the half marathon, but my ankle started hurting again. I think I need to work more on strengthening it because today I ran with the brace back on my ankle and it seems to be ok.

Zephyr seemed pretty happy about it too, until about halfway through. I think she was fully soaked through by that point and wanted to go home.

Last night I made this:


I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner, so I threw some quinoa in the rice cooker and then raided the fridge and garden. I ended up with what appeared to be good candidates for a stir fry (carrot, celery, zucchini, sweet potato, mushrooms, kale, basil). I tossed it all together and added some veggie balls (kind of like fish balls but vegan – from the Global Groceries place nearby) and cashews. Gary got some sprouts for me and they went in at the last minute.

There was also onion and some pickled garlic – just for something different – thrown in.

The sauce was a bit of soy sauce, Kekap manis, and chili sauce.

I threw the quinoa in once cooked and it was delicious!

I also went Christmas shopping yesterday. I made the dangerous move of going into a bookstore and while I did find some presents I also found this beast of a book:


An 800 page hardcover collection entitled “Dangerous Women”, focussing on strong female characters and including some of my favorite authors? Yes please. There is a real possibility I may spend my entire time on leave reading and re-reading this book.

I also found this:


I’m going to use it as a training planner and log for next year. Garmin connect logs my runs, but I want to have everything in a book so it’s all there – runs, cycling, swimming, yoga, hockey, whatever. I couldn’t pass up such a beautiful diary!

(And yes, I did actually buy things for other people!)

Now that I’m cooling down from my run I’m going to do some stretching, have some breakfast, and get on with the day.


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