A week or so ago we loaded up our kayaks onto Gary’s car and went for a bit of a paddle. We haven’t gone for ages, and I was pretty keen to be back on the water again.


We still don’t have a better system than the picture, and until we get racks for the car organised we will need to keep doing this. It’s ok for the short trip to the river though!

We decided on impulse to hop in to Wodonga Creek at the Stock Bridge rather than going a little further and getting in the Murray, mainly because we hadn’t explored that section of river yet.

Me and My Kayak. I haven't named her yet, but Lucy just popped into my head so let's go with that.

Me and My Kayak. I haven’t named her yet, but Lucy just popped into my head so let’s go with that.

It was a lovely day. Sunny, not too warm, lovely cold (read: refreshing and awesome) water and the river is pretty quiet along this section. I’m not at all confident in rough water or particularly fast water yet so we went upstream to the section where it started getting rough and we turned and came back. I practiced my turns and paddling backwards upstream. When I first got my Kayak I couldn’t even paddle in a straight line. Now I can, and I’ve worked out how to turn (rather ungracefully) and I can correct my course. Progress!




Below is the old Stock Bridge, and in front of it is the new suspension bridge that the council is building. This is great because they get to keep the historical bridge, and make a better, smoother, link so people can use the path through to Albury without having their teeth shaken out across the rough wooden Stock Bridge.



After spending some time playing about, we packed up the Kayaks and headed home. We keep them off the ground in a storage nets (totally my idea). What we did was get some nets – I think they are to secure trailer loads, etc, and hung them from the roof with some straps and volia!

Kayak Hammocks!

Kayak Hammocks!

Kayaking is good upper body exercise and I generally find my core is a bit sore after we go as well. I would like to go more often however it’s been a bit difficult to organise time. Ideally I’d love to have some sort of trailer for my bike and ride with my kayak to wherever and spend the whole day being active.

I would also like to get myself a life jacket before tackling anything more than a quiet river. I’m more than confident in my ability to swim or float, but it’s better safe than sorry. Another safety note – I never ever kayak alone, and I also text someone telling them where I am and what time I plan on being back. Each year we have some pretty big ad campaigns locally because our river can be dangerous – cold water, underwater obstacles, very fast flow. We’ve had a few locals in danger or killed on the river because they got caught in situations they weren’t ready for. I tend to err on the side of caution and if I’m not comfortable with a section I don’t kayak there.

remember – its good to take a risk and try something new, because exposure to different experiences is how we learn. Just make sure you calculate the risk and be as safe as possible.


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