A lovely day for a ride.

Me, posting twice in one day? Crazy!

Just wanted to (briefly) share my bike ride today.

Yesterday Gary and I rode together. We got 4kms along and this happened:


Due to some unfortunate glass Gary got a flat. He switched his spare tube in, and the valve broke. So I rode with him while he ran his bike home, then he got on his mountain bike and took off for the hills for a bit.

By this point I didn’t feel like riding anymore so I did a bit of yoga and stretching.

This morning I definitely felt like a ride. It’s a lovely warm day, almost too hot really but what can you do? (It was around 30 when I left home).

I headed out with no real direction in mind, but as I made my way I decided to ride up monument hill. I rode up the front first and took a photo at the top.

yes I did put on a lot of sunscreen before I left. Remember the title of my blog?

Then I thought to myself “why not do that again?” So I rode down, followed the road around the hill and climbed up the back of it to the top again.

Then I did a little more rambling though Albury, and took a photo of the rather charming and historical Albury train station.


If I remember correctly, Albury station has the longest platform of any station in Australia. Albury and Wodonga are twin cities, with Albury on the New South Wales side of the Murray, and Wodonga in the Victoria side. Back in the day NSW and Vic had different gauges of tracks, so people traveling between Melbourne and Sydney had to swap trains at Albury. That’s why it’s so long – to allow room for all the trains they had to have there.
I could be wrong on that, but I’m pretty sure that’s the reason

So anyway then I trundled home again.

35 kms, two ascents of monument hill, and almost 2 liters of water.

Good times.

zephyr demonstrating how I felt after – please, just let me lie somewhere cool and then maybe rub my belly.


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