Challenge accepted week 2

Well my first challenge accepted week wasn’t quite as successful as planned. I missed 2 days practicing yoga due to just getting caught up with things and then realizing as I was falling asleep that I hadn’t done anything.

Still, taking the time out to do some asana and breathing exercises was nice. I’m trying to carry this through and practice more at home. My yoga place has reopened after the Christmas break this week so I’ll be back on the mat there Saturday morning. I’m looking forwards to it!

My challenge for the week ahead is to post a photo each day of something that makes me happy.

So here’s today’s offering:


Food. Specifically cooking food. Playing with recipes, throwing random ingredients together. I love cooking and will on occasion stay up to midnight cooking because the thought comes to me after dinner of baking cookies or making sushi for the next days lunch.

I especially love the challenge of veganising food – for example this photo is essentially a red wine and beef stew, made with mushrooms (and served with mustard chive mash and oh so delicious). I love picking things out of the garden and making a meal out of it (tonight will be zucchini pizza).

There’s something so wholesome about cooking from scratch and seeing my friends and family enjoy my offerings

Cooking makes me happy.


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