Things that make me happy: Friday

I must make a confession. I’ve been keeping a secret from you all this week.

Over the past week we have had a couple of meet and greets and been organising ourselves to bring home a new family member.

Meet Ollie.


He’s a 1 year old rescue dog. We met him on his first birthday last Sunday – coincidence? I think not!

He was surrendered as a lab x kelpie but there’s definitely something else in him as he’s quite big. I fell for him the moment I saw him.

And Zephyr gets along well with him.


Mind you, she immediately claimed the new bed we got for him.


He’s big, he’s clumsy and goofy, but he’s smart and loving. He slobbers all over everything, even Zephyr’s head because he’s so busy licking everyone who pats him. He’s wonderful. I can’t even imagine why he would be surrendered or why he was still waiting on a family but here he is and he’s ours.

Zephyr has been our only dog since we got her (she was direct from the pound) but she isn’t getting jealous and it’s hilarious watching them try and work out each other’s play style






Dogs make me happy. Especially when it’s Zephyr and Ollie.

I’m aware that I’m supposed to be posting one photo a day for this weeks challenge but I couldn’t help myself.


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