Attention those of you in the northern hemisphere: I would love to trade places. I don’t care how cold and dark it is. Please swap places with me and my peeps right now.


Today is the peak of our heat wave this week. Now I know some people (Gary) love the heat but I’m not built for this. I’ve got Scottish blood on both sides. Give me cold, give me rain, give me drizzle and fog. I rock it. Winter is my friend. Yes I get cold. But I’m happy when I’m cold. I run better. I sleep better. I’m not cranky and nauseous and feeling like I need to shower every 10 minutes because I sweat so much.

Monday was 37 degrees C and I did a 5km run, calf cramps and all. I had to stop to soak my headband in water and also to have a drink. Then I drank a whole bunch of electrolyte drink when I got home and water and still felt faint and crappy (but good about running… Know what I mean?)

Yesterday was 40 and I couldn’t bear the thought of running outside so I paid the $12.50 for a gym entry and treadmill’d it in the air conditioning.

My body is not happy in the heat. The only thing worse is heat and humidity. Thankfully it’s generally not too humid here.

Anyway, whining aside I’ve been pretty concerned about the doglets. I came home at lunch to give them fresh water and I fill the leaky shell pool when I get home so Zeph can cool off. Her fur is black so I’d say she feels the heat! She even let me hose her off today so she was in struggle town too.


I made an ice block for the dogs too. I put regular food, some chicken treats and some carob pieces in it. Although I supervised them – it’s almost a week now but I want to be cautious about the whole sharing food thing – they were polite to each other and shared it well. Zeph started it off, then she got in the pool while Ollie licked it and got most of the carob out (it froze into the bottom and was the top when I flipped it out of the container), then Zeph went back for round two. She got her teeth into it and broke it up then they shared the pieces. I popped the last few bits into the pool then Zeph had fun trying to fish them out.




I think they appreciated it. Ollie isn’t too keen on getting into the water but he did let me splash some on his belly to help him cool off.

I’m going to get some takeaway as it’s too hot to cook, and then I might have a cold beer. Ollie looks like he’s already had a few.



Things that make me happy: Friday

I must make a confession. I’ve been keeping a secret from you all this week.

Over the past week we have had a couple of meet and greets and been organising ourselves to bring home a new family member.

Meet Ollie.


He’s a 1 year old rescue dog. We met him on his first birthday last Sunday – coincidence? I think not!

He was surrendered as a lab x kelpie but there’s definitely something else in him as he’s quite big. I fell for him the moment I saw him.

And Zephyr gets along well with him.


Mind you, she immediately claimed the new bed we got for him.


He’s big, he’s clumsy and goofy, but he’s smart and loving. He slobbers all over everything, even Zephyr’s head because he’s so busy licking everyone who pats him. He’s wonderful. I can’t even imagine why he would be surrendered or why he was still waiting on a family but here he is and he’s ours.

Zephyr has been our only dog since we got her (she was direct from the pound) but she isn’t getting jealous and it’s hilarious watching them try and work out each other’s play style






Dogs make me happy. Especially when it’s Zephyr and Ollie.

I’m aware that I’m supposed to be posting one photo a day for this weeks challenge but I couldn’t help myself.