Things that make me happy: Tuesday.

You know what makes me really happy?

This guy.

Because he’s all classy in black and white and stuff.

He’s also a wonderful person. Gary is a hard working guy who isn’t afraid to be silly with me. He tells me how pretty I am and always appreciates my cooking. He gets my weird references to obscure things.

He is happy to join in my silliness, and my philosophical ponderings. He built me a garden. He gives me massages and they are wonderful. I could go on forever about just how wonderful he is, but you don’t have the time to read it all.

I love him very much and even when he drives me nuts he still makes me happy.


dinner guests and competitions…

So on friday last week I had a phone call as I was leaving work. My sister in law invited herself and my brother over for dinner. I happily accepted, then felt that panic you feel when you hang up from arranging dinner guests and suddenly realise your house is a mess. So I rushed to the supermarket for eggs, flour, mushroom and evaporated milk, then rushed home and cleaned what felt like a million dirty dishes in about 20 minutes. Scott and Lotta arrived as I was wiping down the (now) spotless bench. I then proceeded to dump a bunch of flour on it, crack some eggs, and get to making some pasta.

It was only halfway through the process that both Lotta and I realised nobody was taking photos so I told her where to find my camera and she got some action shots. She posted one from her phone onto her blog, for those interested.

Action shot!

Scott and I soldiered on, making two trays of pasta. I didn’t have anywhere to hang it so we tried to spread it out with plenty of flour so it didn’t stick.

For the record, the extra flour made the pasta a tad slimy when it was cooked, so I just rinsed it for a bit under hot running water to get the extra off.

I made up a carbonara sauce using eggs, evaporated milk, salt and pepper, and added that to a chunky mix of (free range) chicken, spring onion, asparagus and mushrooms. I cooked the chicken, then the veggies first, then just mixed the sauce in to warm it through.

A little fresh parsley, another crack of pepper, and some fresh grated parmesan cheese and my light homemade fettucini carbonara was served.

Then we had some great conversation before hooking into strawberries and yoghurt for dessert and watching some episodes of Community.

On Saturday Gary and I woke up early to get to Melbourne for a BJJ Competition.

Gary just before the fight

I don’t fully understand the way his sport works, but it can be fascinating to watch. I also like the atmosphere and the friendly nature of the people who are involved – that might seem a bit odd considering it’s a sport and technique seeming aimed at completely controlling someone and potentially breaking limbs – but it’s great.

We picked up a couple of the other boys from training and took them down too, and it certianly made the 5:30am wakeup call and 3 hour drive to Melbourne much more fun.

Anyway, he came away with a bronze – in his first comp as a purple belt. So yeah, my boyfriend’s pretty awesome. Also, if anyone tries to break into our house they get to deal with him.


The Perils of Shiftwork and watching Game Of Thrones.

This week is a lonely week for me. Gary works shift work, and the weeks he is on Afternoon shift (starting in the afternoon and coming home at about midnight or sometimes later) he is asleep when I go to work, and I am asleep when he comes home.

Two ships in the night…

So we have a whiteboard in the kitchen, and we leave messages for each other. He draws me pictures sometimes and I write convoluted messages full of ridiculous sounding exaggerations which sound awesome. Sometimes he visits me at work for lunch (on the rare occasions that I manage to get lunch on time). We text and call to keep in touch, and occasionally I’ll keep myself awake to see him then I crash.

But this week is particularly difficult. We are watching Game of Thrones season 2. But the question arose when I was in the shower, pondering things…. How would we manage to keep watching Game of Thrones together if we don’t see each other awake? How can we avoid the inevitable accidental spoilers and the agony of knowing the other person knows what’s going on?

I pondered… I could go to sleep, wake up when he gets home and watch one… But no, short naps like that often make me feel unwell. Maybe he could watch it in the morning? No that wouldn’t work at all…

Then he called me, clearly thinking the same thoughts. We agreed – I will watch only ONE episode then go to bed. Then he will watch only ONE. and so on till the end of the week. That way we don’t get ahead of each other, and there’s no accidental spoilers.

I’m glad we can sort out the difficult things that easily.