Ankle verdict and Bike ride.

Well I went to the physio yesterday. She seems to think I likely have a stress fracture. I need to have X-rays next week to confirm if it’s a fracture or just a stress reaction.

Given that there’s no obvious muscle tear or damage, and the pain is centered on the bone, and there’s a lump on the bone right where the pain is worst…. Doesn’t look good for me.

We pinpointed the change to my runs – the downhills when I run over monument hill and down the concrete path at the front. It’s pretty much straight down, so it’s steep and it’s hard. I haven’t worked out how to run downhill without feeling out of control so I’m fairly certain it has at least contributed. My mileage hasn’t changed that much so it’s likely to be the hills that have done it.

As she said – hills are great to run up but you have to come down at some point. Then we joked about running to the top of Everest and catching a lift back down.

I also got berated a bit (which I was expecting) for saying I run in vibrams. That was a little disappointing, but I understand that a lot of professionals don’t believe in them. I explained that other shoes make my back hurt when I run. She said “hmm well I still don’t recommend them”.

To be fair, the lady with the potential stress fracture probably doesn’t have the upper hand in that conversation.

I’m not allowed to run for the next week. Then we will do X-rays (apparently stress fractures are difficult to see right away on an X-ray). If it’s just a reaction I’ll be back to running quicker. If it’s a fracture it will take a few more weeks. At the end of the day I don’t think I’ll be running the full half marathon in December – but if I have to walk it I will, and that way it will be super easy to beat my PR for the next one (I have to find the silver lining somewhere!)

Given the pain has settled a bit, I’m clear to ride my bike as much as I want, which is great because my body needs to move or I start getting twitchy. So I rode 21kms last night, taking whatever path I felt like. I ended up on a rather windy course, mostly following the river. Couldn’t help stopping a few times for photos though.


A pair of pigs I found mucking about beside the path. I probably should have told someone they were out of whatever property they were supposed to be in – but I’m not sure who to tell.


If there’s one thing I love about this town it’s living on the Murray River. It’s a lovely river, and since there’s a large and very deep dam just upstream of Albury the water is icy cold year round – awesome for those hot summer days.


This is the rail bridge over the river.


There’s a spot on the causeway between the two towns called Gateway Island. There’s a tourist information centre, a small theater, a few artisan type shops (woodworking, etc), a gallery and a restaurant/cafe thing. They also use the carpark for a fortnightly farmers market. They’ve also set up a path around one of the lagoons with a bit of an arty-farty display of local history, as depicted in pictures. Kind of like hieroglyphs, only easier to read.


Another shot of the river, from the final bridge as you come through to Albury. This is the official state border. Also the river is pretty full at the moment.

And finally, this was the last photo I was able to take before my phone decided it had no room left (I really have to delete some things!).



Betrayed. Also, brownies.

I am so annoyed. I haven’t been able to run since last Wednesday, which means I missed out on our 10km run Friday. I’m predicting I may be ok to run this Wednesday, but not on the trail we planned.

My ankle had betrayed me. You know how I said it was a little iffy? Well it felt ok. And I ran 8kms on Wednesday – not an unusual distance for me. It didn’t hurt at all while running but once I stopped I could barely walk. I drove round and dipped my foot in the cold cold Murray River waters before heading home and icing it a little. I’ve been hobbling around since then with it all strapped up in a brace.

The most frustrating thing is that I haven’t really increased the frequency or distance of my runs. Maybe the intensity is up a little, because lotta runs slightly faster than me and I keep up rather than slowing in the last kms or so. I think what initially did it was running down the concreted path of monument hill – there’s some steps too. Maybe I’ve jarred it? I haven’t rolled my ankle, and the pain is just above the knobby bit on the outside. Given it hurts less the more I move around I’m assuming I haven’t fractured anything.

I intend to see a physio Monday about it. I really don’t want to miss too much training because, well, I need training. I’ve already told myself I’m ok with it if I need to walk/run the race. I’ll be finishing the race even if I have to hobble 21.1 kms. But the more I train the more I will be able to run.

Anyway, depending on the level of pain I have I will run Wednesday with a brace on my ankle and in my frees. I’m thinking I might have to temporarily retire my vibrams just to reduce the pressure on my (apparently delicate) ankle.

Anyhow, whining aside, I made something delicious last night:


Peanut butter chocolate brownies, using a little of the okara left over from making tofu last week, and I also subbed in about 1/4 cup coconut flour, just because. I used this recipe.

So good! I had to bake it about 5 mins longer, and I didn’t have a suitable square pan so I made it in a round cake tin.

Also, this happened yesterday:


We’ve had a bird nesting on top of one of the pots on our potting shelves. Yesterday one of them hatched.

I went out this morning and saw this:


Three little baby blackbirds. I know blackbirds are a pest, but it’s so cool to have a bird nesting in our pots where we can watch the whole thing.

Garden babies!