Mount Pilot

I’ve been itching to get out an about in the bush again for a while and we just haven’t found the time.

I was wanting to scout out some potential running tracks given there’s more and more light in the day lately and I’m kind of tired of running through the streets in town. So we headed out this morning for what turned out to be a bit of a scenic drive through the Chiltern forest.

We drove down quite a few tracks and parked at mount pilot then walked the few hundred meters to the top for some lovely views.

this is the track the fire guys drive up to get to the spotting tower at the top

nice view from halfway up

this is the fire spotting tower. There’s 360 degree views from here, and Gary informs me that throughout summer there’s a man who spends every day here watching for fires

Gary staring wistfully into the distance

The top of Mt Pilot is basically all one big rock. It’s an old volcano, if my memories of school trips out there long ago serve me well. Very much long extinct and all smoothed down, but a great big lump of rock nonetheless.

There are lovely panoramic views from up there of the surrounding hills (after being in Nepal I can’t quite bring myself to call what we have here “mountains”).

You may or may not have noticed Gary had no shoes on. I’m used to him running about everywhere barefoot but it often confuses others. On our way down a little kid walking with his father was very concerned about Gary. “Dad, why isn’t he wearing any shoes?”

He then looked at my feet and I think the poor child was even more confused.


His dad explained that Gary was a big kid and could decide what he wanted to wear and that explanation seemed to make him feel better.

All in all it was a beautiful day for a drive and a walk. On the way home we stopped at Chiltern to pick up some maps. I’m going to plan a route and hopefully do some running out in the bush. Can’t wait!


A morning walk

It has been a wonderful spring morning. So whilst Gary went to training, I packed myself a backpack with a picnic blanket, an orange, some other munchies and a few bottles of water (only one to drink – the others were for weight). I drove up to federation Hill, and went for a walk. I walked along the base for a while, then climbed a relatively steep section. I ended up walking about 2 hours all up, heading out further than I have along the track.

It was lovely. Sunny, peaceful, and a few friendly people along the way. I must have taken a wrong turn at one point as the track simply faded out, but I took that as my cue to head back into town. I met some ladies on horseback along the way. I opened the gate to let them pass, and they repaid me with warnings of a large brown snake sighted further back along the way. I kept my eyes out but I didn’t see him.

By the time I got home, it was 1pm, and I am now feeling very refreshed and happy. I’m about to head out to lunch with Gary, then a bit of shopping for gear for our upcoming trip, and then who knows what the rest of the day will bring?