We have a very large pumpkin plant out the back.

This is Gary, amongst the patch a few weeks ago.

This whole patch is one single Queensland Blue plant. It’s huge. I don’t even know how it has managed to take over so much of our yard. The only training we’ve done is me trying to direct it away from the rhubarb and out of the other garden patches.

Yesterday we (mostly Gary, but I also helped) went out to find all the baby pumpkins and put stakes in so we can find them again to keep track of how they are going. We have a large population of bees and bugs visiting our garden on a regular basis, so pollination hasn’t been an issue. We found plenty of little beauties.

One of the baby pumpkins. There’s no sign of ill health in this plant so fingers crossed they will all survive to maturity.

All up Gary said he found 20 pumpkins, with another five close to the flower falling off stage. So if they all grow we will have at least 25 pumpkins, plus whatever else ends up growing.

Off one single plant.

That is crazy!



Last season we had a few plants, but none this big. We got some unexpected downpours with a whole lot of rain in a short period of time and most of then split and we lost them. We only got 2 usable big pumpkins and a couple of smaller varieties, but not much.

I’m hoping everything will work out well and we can have pumpkin right up until next season.

I also found this little guy in the second hand shop the other day.


I thought it was a pretty awesome little container. Today I washed it out and filled it with some home roasted pumpkin seeds.


I love these. None of that pepitas rubbish, this is the whole seed, crunchy and spicy and delicious. I made these from seeds I scooped out if a farmers market pumpkin, which I used for a pumpkin, pea and sage baked risotto.


Other awesome uses for pumpkin:
Roasted pumpkin
Pumpkin soup
Pumpkin bread
Pumpkin scones (I need to find/make a vegan recipe)
Pumpkin curry
Pumpkin dip
Pumpkin pizza
Pumpkin salad

Pumpkin is so awesome!!